Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boring Holiday

Hello everyone, I had a very boring holiday and because of spending too much of money this month so I didn't go out to spend more money again!! By the way, I really ate a lot food during this holiday! Gosh, need to go jog for the next week or else I'll be fattening back again!! wakaka~~ Luckily none gaining much!! Blah~~ haha!!

Once again, I would to wish all of you a very Happy Christmas!! Cheers!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I hate him but I miss him

None related post with you!! But I was so into writing this post just only for you!! But why are you so ignoring me!! I really not in the mood to make you comfortable. Anyway I freaking miss you!!

I hate you because you don't even miss me!! I'm so moody and I really need you when I say I need you!! God, just give this chance to let me catch his weak heart? Perhaps you'll need sometime to get to know each other well?? I just want to let you know, You are totally in my heart now! I can't stop myself just to thinking about you . Sigh!! I wanna cry now!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

It continues

I don't know what to write in this post, because I felt so disappointed on someone I really appreciate and I respect the most! But why he so ignores me when I try to tell him something! I'm totally upset and even this is very true on me, I still kept myself to continue my diet program. Yes, I still remain the same weight as I try to loss more, but felt so hard now! Because I weight very struggling in between 94-95kg! I hate it, and I want to be  90kg in this month. I'm kinda stuck right now don't know what to do.

Anyway, Congratulation to him because he has lost 52kg in half year! I'm so glad for him! I hope I can did like he do. Well, I don't know why my bad habit of eat is going to be very crazy for me. When my period come, I felt like eating so much! Man, It so hard for me now! Because I just had my month pay... Damm, I gain 1kg back~ So sad~ I can't believe it... I hate it~

God, Please let my stressful body go away?? Please!! I beg u!! I hope I can last this long!! I want to be a pretty girl as I'm so admire those contestant in Biggest Loser Asia. Totally so successful!! If I can't loss that much like them, I might going for the competition! I wanna be slim slim like "Fish" . Her weight is like 61 now! Damm I'm so admire her weight now!! X(

Hope I can last this and finish till the end!! Cheer up for myself!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Blonde Hair??? Cheat one???

I think I didn't make it a real deep dye on my hair because the hair dresser told me that I need to bleach the hair till plain for 3 times, so I decided not to Blonde and just to have a long gold hair like Repunzel~~ XD Sorb Sorb~~ Funny me!! I just wondering why I'm so a bloody encourage to have a blonde gold to myself???? Nah.. Chinese New Year is coming and the nearest New Year 2011 also coming so I just give it a try and dye the whole hair of mine~~ XD 

I never try such a huge project to my hair since my hair so not that hairy and I always wanted to have hairy hairs~~ XD So jealous of those people who have so much hair... !! XD 

The 1st dye~

The Second Dye~~ XD

Steam another 10minutes.

Tada~~ Colour Done!!

Second View of the Hair~

Side view of my hair~ Nice

Put on my near Bohemia hair Band~ XD Nice???
Cheers Up everyone!! Do comment if you guys think not nice or I try to dye other colour ke~~ Haha~~ I want to be like "White lady" also~~ XD

If you like this post, Nang me!! XD

Monday, December 6, 2010

To the successful month!!

Last month, I was very excited about my diet program!! Yes, I did it.. I lost almost 7kg for last month!! Now I'm gonna aim another new target which means I want to loss another 5-6kg(If possible!).

Anyway, I don't wanna lose any chance I've been given all the way and I hope I can get more new new and sexy clothes that I always wanted to wear!!

But today, when I went to the herbal shop to buy some ingredients there's one aunty who called me "Lady boss" I'm so embarrass because I haven't married yet!! A bit heart broken as I still young just fits with a fat body!! Damm... Is been a month mostly I've been  laughed by other all the time!!

My heart really breaks like no one will knows~ Sigh!!! I really hope I can throw all the fats in my body now!!

Cheers!! XD I'll never give up!!!

Bloody ME!!

No idea at all... In this moment, I felt I'm so sad !! Could anyone just tell me, Why I'm so ignoring to be a normal one when people so looking down at me??? Even my family and friends they say I'll never success??? I don't wanna prove anything to them, just to believe myself I wanna be slim too! Will they just stop talking nonsense to me because I'll cry inside my heart when ever they say it!!

I wish I never be born like this, this is not I wish to!! Fat girls never be the same like the normal ones? Yes exactly for this who already set up the rules!! NO FAT GIRLS allow!! No priority to you!! You Fatty Boom Boom!! That's me I'm mentioning! Sigh!! Bloody mood and I wanna have vacation!! Please!! Just let me be normal!! I wanna work so hard to be slim!! My heart are now filling with fat's and tears who already surrounded it long time!! ARggghhhh!!

A bloody none cheerful day for me!! -End- Good night!!

OMG!! Is weekend!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ate too much of food~~~ What to do.. too many occasion !! So I have to!! Luckily my weight never gone high!! is ok!! I'll go for jog is this evening!

Cheers!! XD

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Brand new December

Is the new December now!! Just wanna have a short update! I hope I can break a new record of my diet program. Because last month I had loss almost 5kg. So proud of myself and I'll just have to keep it up!!

So happy and excited to be myself that I'll never give up until I success!! Yipee~ Cheers for me!! XD

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fearless of Love

I'm afraid that this is too far from me, when ever some guy came to you and say "Would you like to be my girlfriend?" So what should answer? I can't think about this!!

Another thing is I missed him a lot! But he never say hello to me!! X( I'm so scared that he will leave me!! X( Too bad, he is far from me!! X(

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

As a Fatty~~

Totally very sad today!! Sigh!! I really want to suicide myself already!! X( Damm angry and sad!!
I don't know why everything is happen to me again! I've been dump a the roadside! I'm so so upset now!! Probably I won't go out anymore! Is stupid to me!! Sigh!! I wanna curse him "HaRd"!! Argghh~~ I bloody no mood and angry!! What should I do??????

I'm going to be crazy soon!!! Help Help!! X( Sigh!! I wish there is someone by my side now!! I hate them!! Arghh!! So bloody angry!! Can i kill a guy now!! So so so so so ignoring!!!!!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

100% Support!!!


Sincery from : Nicole a.k.a. Janice4u

The Great Atmosphere of Love

Dear "You",

I've been waiting such a long time for a nice and comfort relation! To be part of this, I really used to be dump and no serious of such relationship. Just to be aware that, I'm so deathly crazy about you, as you don't really care about me. Why am I so determine myself to go on diet? Because of "You"!! But I keep telling myself, not because of you, this doesn't make through anything for me and you too.

I know I'm just writing some nonsense just to get your attention as you don't really care about it. I hardly to see you, as you so busy about your life! But I hope you'll get successful life and not like me yet I'm still a lost lamb who running around the circle of life!! Sigh!! I really wish to be by your side, and you need a most too!!

Anyway, Cheer up everything and I really wanted to go there and get to know each other well. Part of my life is to catch up things that I've been missed!! I want to catch up your heart!! Cheers!!

With Love,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ad: Benefiber

Hey guys, I found this advertorial interesting and I just wanna share. It helps those who are going for diet program just like me would be very curious what food you gonna have when after a exhausted work out! XD

Introducing "Benefiber" which is made from 100% natural ingredients, you can mix it with almost anything*. Benefiber Powder dissolves completely in water and won't alter the taste or texture of your food or beverages*. Benefiber Powder is available at all leading pharmacies.
Wow!! This is great I can mix any of my food with powder without worrying my weight!! XD That's cool enough!

How you get free sample of "Benefiber"?

Click on this Benefiber

Follow my instruction :

Click on the "Get Your FREE SAMPLE now"

Fill in all the information so that they can send you the sample

One last thing answer the survey and then click submit.
They will send you after you fill in everything!! Hope you guys can get it real soon! I'm waiting mine too~~ Cheerss!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Program Continue...

Totally no disappointed in my mind now!! Because I did it, and I lose another 1kg. I'm glad I did well for this pass 2 weeks. But last 2 days when I jog around in my area, there's one kid who called me fatty aunty really make me so sad and down that day. But nothing can stop me from being so cruel to me and I continue my journey with slow jog.

From my mind, there's no turning back and I'm glad I did it this time. I'm so proud of myself and today I also saw there's a lady who really bigger size than me and when she saw me jog 2 rounds, she started her jog during my jog too. I don't know why she suddenly jog and I heard that she did call her friends and waited them at the park there. So is this means I determine her? XD I'm not sure but for sure I know a lot of people who did laugh at me when I jog. But in my heart it really hurts, but I won't stop this program of mine!!

To those who did laugh at me, one day I'm gonna be success too!

Cheers for me!! XD

Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 5

I think I can make it and I really wanted to be last longer. One thing I'm so worried is that, I don't know whether I can handle my food well or not? When ever I saw food at every where, I felt like so mouth-watering and wanted to have a bite. Another thing is, I saw some advertisement (Pizza hut!!!) OMG!! I felt like going to the restaurant and order it!!

I don't know why? I still can't make myself hundred percent fully control with my mouth!! haha~ But is ok for that, as long I have my jog morning and the evening jog everyday it is very good for me to burn more calories and fats too~

Currently my weight is 97kg. Can you guys believe that?? XD

I'm so glad and excited the next losing weight!! I'll keep it up!! Cheers for me yo!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 4

I'm looking forward for my weight~ I think I keep this up for a year, I think I can lose more weight? I just don't know it~ But I really hope when everything is settle for him and I am just in time to meet him up~ I'm so happy because I can keep this so much stronger and determine so much of it.

I can't wait to see him as he also wants to see me as well~ We've been such a long time never met, I hope I can enjoy the trip when he accompanies me! (Can't wait!!) XD

Cheers for me ya!! XD

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 3

I maintain my weight so far. I'm glad as if you guys who have follow my twitter might knowing I had done 4 laps jog today!! I'm so happy and I'm proud to myself who really decided what I want and what I wanna be too~~

I don't want to be a fatty anymore, I hope I can last this and I wanna finish this task very soon! God please give me more strength and energy to continue this~ Thank you!! XD

Cheers for me ya!! XD

Day 2

It was a very incredible day I spent it very wisely!! XD I went for morning jog and also the afternoon session~ I'm so happy and glad I did it. I weight myself, I got my weight lost 3kg now~ XD So happy! I'll just have to keep up and Please do stay turn for all my info. I love to share with you guys! Cheers for me!! Thanks~ XD

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 1

I don't know this right or wrong way to go on my diet program, but i do hope i can make it on and motivate myself more!! XD Ok.. I did go for a jog around my housing area!! Ya, I went back hometown this week. I don't know next week should i come back again? Erhmm, because I have some programs I might be going for the party? XD

Ya, what I ate for lunch? I ate mushrooms with shrimp. Is that nice?? I think that's good enough!! XD Oh ya!! About dinner, I don't know what should I eat??? Hahaha~~ XD I don't want some carbohydrate in my dinner, any suggestion anyone?? XD

Well, this is it for the Day 1 program~ Just started!! Tomorrow will be another day!! XD Cheers!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

I was wondering??

This early morning before I enjoy my diet program, I've started to think something really disturbing me for the whole night. Which is why I'm not sleeping well for the pass 2 days. I just realize that I'm not perfect enough for you as you have read my blog daily and I'll never give up till I felt like giving up!! As you can see here, even I'm a fatty but yet I still can be what I want and what I'm gonna be. It depends on the time, I just want you to know that I'm not the right time and right person for you now and I hope you do your best in what ever things that you are doing right now! Just want myself fulfill some dreams I've been looking for, come on I know for 9 - 10 years i think and we are still friends right.

I never tell anything for you as I'm a girl and I've been very brave for this. I never try this before and I've a very thick face to face you!! I never think what the risk is and I don't care! What I want and I know what I'm doing!! Just be myself and also be yourself back!

Cheers for you where ever you are!! XD

Happy Deepavali

To all indian friends, HAPPY DEEPAVALI !! May the good year come and enjoy good luck for the year!! Cheers!!! XD

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Suddenly I'm like suicide myself... Damm... Anything happens, I'll still move on my plan~~ Erhmm... One word to describe my mood now : GERAM

Diet Program? Why?

I think some people who did read my previous blog that I still haven't finish my diet program as Now my weight is increase till 100kg!! Man... Can you guys believe this? Haha... I think this post might be surprise those reader who read this post!! XD Yes , his is a truly story about me!! Even my pictures doesn't look like me because I never touch up anything on my face or body and I just posing on the camera with a very small chubby face and body!!

I'm sorry if I did cheated those who seem my pictures and felt very ugly for me!! XD Part of my life failing with the word "LOVE" was very horrible for pass years I've been going through!! Mostly those guys who really admire me, I think they just want what they wanted to and not me the love in my heart. But wait there's one of my ex who do not thrown me up and he just like very respect me as his gf. I was too late because I've dump him(So sorry, I hope you can get a new gf). Why I dump him? Sensitive question, erhmmm.. Actually I felt I'm not a good enough person who can really satisfied him and I know I'm not the who he looking for(Just my feeling to think about "HIM").

Ok.. Let's move on my topic. I started to think this back because I found someone who i really admire and that person had join in a competition to slim down body. I just really angry and sad for myself. Why am I so selfish and no determination for myself to go on a diet program? Is this hard? I ask myself many times, one last thinking. I really felt like this time, I really wanna go the best. I don't want to lose myself and I also to be prettier and healthier!! Who doesn't like pretty and sexy girl, right? I wanna be like them too!! Please pray for my determination for keep myself moving on!!

Here's my plan(I want to list down so that I can refer back) : I'll go for morning jog in my garden area ---> breakfast will be oat and raisins!!
Afternoon ---> normal meal vege and fish !! No rice!!! (For god shakes, please don't let me see rice!! XD)
Evening ----> Jog in my area and raisins and yogurt will be my dinner!! XD

Sound happy right?? I have to make myself more determine for this!! Hope everything will be ok so do the person who I admire!! GAMBATEH!!!! Support you till the end of the program. One last thing, I hope that person who can keep in touch with me "ALWAYS".!!!!

Cheers!!! XD

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Deep Missing for you

I don't know how to express my feeling right now, but all I hope that he is real for me and I can be the real for him. For the past years, I felt like I'm a freak to be a lover. It is hard for me to stable and continue a nice comfortable relationship for the past years.

This time, I really hope to be good enough person that we been through for the past 10 years as we known as "Friends". I hope you can settle everything and become a more successful person in the coming forward future. I'm please to pray for you, May God Blessed you all the Time!!

I can't wait to meet you as soon as possible, as I really want to meet you back very much as you already leave the country for past 2 years. I'm sorry that I've been blocking you from my msn and I know you mention to me a lot of times. Here to announce "I'm very very SORRY" Please forgive me!!! XD

Cheers for everything!! One last word, MISS YOU!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

November XD

Hey guys, is November now!! Yes!! Gonna fun and excited month!! This coming month, I think I will blog a lot of junk I guess?? haha~ Last weekend, I did enjoy myself a little shopping!! *Wink*

So happy by this moment, even though my salary haven't out yet. I'm still looking forward to see my money come to me!! haha~ Come to mama babe' ~ XD

Wanna have some shopping for this coming Deepavali !! XD Guess I'm not alone, I hope she's not going to miss out the "Date". Ikea's food "Chicken Wings" Yummy!!!

Cheers!! XD

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Random Friday

Hey reader, I thought something new is happen for me to celebrate end of this month. I'm excited for tomorrow outing!! Yup~ I'm going back hometown this week, so i might going some where shopping!! (Laughing in my heart XD)

One more thing , I'm very excited to celebrates my Daddy's birthday on this coming November 15!! I haven't plan that yet, but I'll plan it this weekend because I'm too free!! haha~~ Another random thing I wanna spread it over which I got some salary increment during last month. Well, I think not bad although it is just a little amount. But I'm a person who easy to get sanctification!! XD

This is just some of my random story, so I might blog something different for this coming weekend? Can't wait till tomorrow! XD

Cheers everyone!! XD

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stressing Life

Dear readers :

I've been working almost 2 years in a same company and nothing change for this 2 years. What I'm trying to tell here is, I was very stressful during half year ago. That time, I was been taking very high task and I was very unhappy with it even it is not a difficult duty for me. Time flies fast, I'm still having the same stupid problem(Won't tell it). I'm hard to express my impression and what I feel for it now!

I don't even know where I can tell or telling someone about my stuff, there's no one I can really trust and keep secrets. Like now a days, people mostly will tell what are they feeling through "Facebook" or "Twitter". So I do write my impression everyday(Sometimes, I don't feel to write it).

Few days ago, I was facing quite a hard task! Luckily, I solve all the stuff!! Really making me nuts when during working those hard and difficult stuff. I hope I can last longer in my task because I felt like very tired after a whole day work.

I hope everyone who did read my post, pray for me and everything will be going fine and smooth. Cheers XD


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm Lost

Starting from the end of September, I'm a bit busy of my job so I have a very lousy life for this month so didn't really have enjoy anything. I'm out of topic and I don't know what to blog(I wish to travel you know!!) Haha~ But I'll try to update some of my travel last 2 months ago, because I went to Thailand! Kinda great travel because I brought a lot of stuff, but unfortunately I can't really update my pictures because I save those pictures in my Hard disk and it is surrounded by some "virus". I'm afraid to open it! Can anyone tell me how to deleted those viruses in my Hard disk? Even myself really hard to deleted it!!! :( Sad, no idea what can I do besides format the whole thing!

I'll try to think something to blog over here, probably I'll post something tomorrow.

Now 8.40pm, I'm kinda tired now so I'll continue some topic to blog for tomorrow! Cheers XD~

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sorry for the long lost update

I'm so sorry to those who read and support my blog, recently I'm damm busy with my works and my vacations too.. But I promise I'll try my best to write more post as soon as possible. Because I have so many things to share with you guys.

Last night I wanted to write a post, but sadly there are something stupid happen on twitter and making me nuts to fed up to write something over here. I wanna share so many things, I hope you guys give more patient to let me write some of my stories that I love to share with you guys. Cheers XD~~

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Expendable Speacial Screening

Yes.. I did won myself again a pair of tickets to "The Expendable". Unfortunately, my dear colleague "Ai Wah" she went to Langkawi, on the screening day so I ask my friend "Sharon" came along with me to the screening. Well, nothing about us. We just went to the restaurant called "Xian Ding Wei" at The curve. Oh yes, the food there awesome. Delicious actually! There is another branch at Sunway there, but this branch I think is better than the one at The curve. Or it just my taste different. You guys can try and find out yourself :D .

This screening really amaze me, because on the day before screening I saw there is other sponsors who sponsoring tickets for the screening too. That means, they have 4 or 5 room who showing "The Expendable". Honestly, the movie were great. In a meanwhile, what I would like to tell is if you guys were not into those blood screening better don't watch it because there is a lot bleeding screen.

Rate for this movie : 8/10 stars

So if you out there, haven't watch this yet do go to your nearest cinema and get the tickets before it close for the screening. Peace out XD ~ Cheers!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Second day of My birthday

This is really amazing for me, I won 2 tickets to the SLASH concert at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. I was very happy and excited. I got it from P1w1max. Thank you so much! I had a great time moment there! This is really cool~ Can you guys imagine that I got it so lucky by just tweeting those tweet on twitter and got the tickets easily. Well, guys do follow my twitter you will get more surprises. haha!!

Lot's of freebies to be won!! I hope you guys get it too~ Cheers!!

Yes, I invite my colleague again "Ai Wah". She so lucky to have me(joking). Actually, I don't have much friends over K.L here. So she's the only one can go with me. By the way, before we go for the concert , food is the best part to cover all our hungry stomach. We went to the "Full House".

It was my first visit so do my colleague. The design of the cafe really nice and the theme of the cafe was white. Nice view!! Took pictures and over food too.

#1 Design 1
#2 Design 2
#3 Ai wah's maggie(she order wrongly, hahaha)
#4 Jasmine tea(Nice!)
#5 Side order wedges(Yummy!)
#6 Cod fish with Mash Potato(Delicious! Must Try!)
#7 Promoting Full House(Haha~~)
After finish food, by the right time the concert starts. We went there, before entering the concert there are security , they need to spot-check our bags (=.=' it was my first time being spot-check before entering concert) I never been through this so I was curious about that but is okay no worries we enter the place smoothly. After 15 minutes walk to the surf beach(kinda long way), concert start. Really a crowded place, and the music really bits my heart. Heavy metal style !! SLASH really rocks.

#8 Concert starts and I'm starting to sweat(Haha~)
#9 SLASH Rocks~

Damm happy, good concert and good food I had. Such a great time, the concert finish at 10.45pm. Traffic jam starts, we head back to our house almost 11.30pm. That's the report of my birthday plan. Awesome plus Cool. I bets kenwooi won't jealous about me(Kidding, don't angry ya?). Cheers :)

P/S : There is more update about my birthday!! :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Best Birthday celebration of the Year 2010

August 4th big day of mine - I turn 23(Man, I'm getting old now). This is really make me crazy already!! haha~ I can't believe I already survive in the earth for 23 years. Life is very short, just a moment I just felt I haven't old yet and I still have plenty of times to go travel and have fun around.

For other people, this is the time for those who already couple it might be the suitable time to get married. Me, myself? I already been broke up with my ex! So I'm no longer a couple person and remain myself single.

Well, what ever happen doesn't make myself down from my birthday celebration.

I really had my great time and enjoy myself by winning tickets for the Tekken movie (Tropicana City Mall) sponsoring from Nuffnang . Before the movie starts, Me and My colleague Ai wah went for dinner . We decided to have nice porridge, after that our mouth never stop having snack before entering to the cinema we bought 2 cups of sweet corns.

#1 Me!
#2 Farm Frog Porridge
#3 Mix seafood Porridge
#4 Fried Foo Chuk
#5 I'm holding the Sweet-corn
#6 Tickets

After the movie ends, we went to the Bad Ass coffee for a midnight snack and a smoothie drink. It really taste good and it was recommended by KY. Yummy!!

#7 Mango Smoothies
#8 Big Donut
#9 Bills(Cheap)
So everything are enjoyed, we went back to our house almost 11pm. Drive and safe to our home sweet home. Cheers! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A little surprise Birthday eve

Is been a week, I didn't take my time to have a post. Since that, a mood suddenly came in so decided to have a post. If you guys out there who have follow my twitter, you guys should properly know I have won tickets from Nuffnang and P1w1max recently.

Today, I went to the p1w1amax office just to pick up the tickets. Actually, I was very moody today. Because, someone drove the promise away from me and "that" person wants to go somewhere else and dump me and another "mummy" to go celebrate my Birthday at Neway. I was very unhappy, but lunch time p1w1max(Cynthia) called me to pick my tickets up and the mood came back.

#Slash Tickets

I thought my luck was gone, but since I realize myself I had become more confident and trust myself more than ever now!! Which is why I hardly give up a lot of things , such as my current job.

Eventually, I was going to give up soon. But something really make me just forget what people trying to do to me. I think for other people maybe they can't stand such jerk job I'm having now!

Those who are working out there, I know a lot of people like me having a same problem too. But I think is just some small problem and do give yourself to relax. Myself? I give myself 0% pressure in my mind.

Cheers :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A tragic Fight at Aman Puri, Kepong

Yesterday, I saw a tragic fight near a coffee shop at Aman Puri, Kepong. It was really something hidden from this story. I was having my lunch with my colleagues in Coffee shop. Suddenly, I heard someone yelling. It was an Indian guy yelling in side the coffee shop. I heard he was angry by the time he yelling. Suddenly, there is a uncle came and bring a big steel hit that guy. This is really tragic, so many people was watching that moment. I can't stand it anymore, I wanted to run back to the office, but my colleagues yet they still don't want to move and continue enjoy the show. I was very frighten and I don't dare to stand near by. That man was crazy, and so many people asking and wondering what's happen with that man who disturb people who having lunch there.

After 5 minutes, the police came. The Indian man ran away and the police chase him back and the story I don't know because I ran off also. Haha..

#This is some dialogue I heard before the fight starts.

On the way back, my colleagues and I were discussing why the indian man was hit by that uncle? I didn't force myself to answer because I'm not that kind of "Kei-Poh" / Big Mouth / Gab person, so I just quite hear my colleagues story.

I can't just imagine, that this was my first time saw tragic at K.L since I been here for 2 years. I think now a days, people are really dangerous and I really scare to go out sometimes.

One last advice, don't go out alone it would be much safer to go with a guy or bunch of girls(3-4) is better than you go out alone.

Cheers :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pwee Whip~ I won tickets to Tekken movie

So happy, Today I receive an email invitation to the Tekken movie. This is very exiciting!! I didn't plan anything for my birthday. This is really a big wishes from Nuffnang. Once again, Thank you so much!! I really appreciate since this is another contest I won from Nuffnang. Cheers!!
#Invitation email~ Blah Blah~ :D

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tekken is in the Cinema!

Wohoo~ Nuffnang is giving all nuffnangers(glittery dudes) a chances to win tickets for the Tekken movie. Yes, a chance for me that I've been lost contact with those contest at Nuffnang. I really miss out all the prizes and chances!!

A very simply question they have give us to answer and let's us comment on the permanent link on the nuffnang blog post.

Q : Tekken character you like the most?

A : Marshall Law

This character really reminds me when I having the 1st Play Station 1 which I use to play this video and I always choose this Character "Marshall Law". Another that reminds me it was my uncle who already pass away. I miss so much because he use to have fun with me with the Play station 1. In my memory, we use to play Tekken and I'll be sure choosing Marshall Law and my uncle he will choose Yoshimitsu the evil ninja. I love this Marshall Law power who can let me win on the game even Yoshimitsu has a ninja sword but Marshall Law yet can use his power to defeat that Evil Ninja Yoshimitsu. Marshall Law was very similiar with Bruce Lee. The style and every moment in the game was very look a like. This is why I love Marshall Law, I love Bruce Lee as well. *Doink*

Instead of playing the game, now they turn the game into movie. This is kinda exicted, I really want to watch it.

Anyway, Only short story I can tell over here but the day screening it is my birthday after all. I hope I can win a pair of tickets and let me recall myself the days with my uncle.

Cheers :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back to my college life

I was wondering what can I post for today! Erhmm.. So there is something I would like share the moment in my past back in 2008. That time I was ready to be graduated and finally can go for a new life. This is just nothing special about of me, I just recall back my days in Terengganu was given a patient of living and surviving there. Because I was not that good in Malay language and also my English was terrible and hard for me to speak it loud. Most of those students are Malays and only 10% of Chinese who can able to survive for the past 3 years and study over there.

Why I choose there? No reason for that, I just want to go study even the government put in the cage, I don't mind at all. All I want is a chance to go further studies! It was my last chance to go, because back in my SPM I was very stuck on my result(very bad for me I can't even get a credit for my Bahasa Melayu). This is very shameful to myself. When my relatives heard that I have a bad result for that, they don't visit anymore.

That time, I was very regret for being such an annoying person who neglect my studies and I was very very upset. By time flies, I had success to graduated from that lonely college of mine. Well, I got a not bad result.

Oh yes, this year I went back to my college and I just wanted to attend my friends Convocation. So I make it and we have lots of fun there. I really missed them a lot since we are so far from each other. I already post some of my picture's at my past post, you can just click here to have a look. I really want to meet them again, some of them invites me to genting and some invite me to Malacca but I can't meet them because I stuck with my work. Sigh! I hope I can go with them when I'm free. Dearies, do wait me ya!! :)

So this is it. That's all for the post today. I had just share a past of mind, I hope you guys do read it. Cheers :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

♥Sushi time♥

Last 2 weeks, I didn't go back to my hometown. So I decided to hang out with my friend who was staying at Cheras. We meet at my house there after that I drove all the way down to The curve. By the time he reach is already lunch time. Since both of us don't know what to eat, we decided to go for Sushi. Nom.. Nom.. Nom.. Order quite a lot~ haha~~ I order 1 set of chicken bondori~ Yummy!! After 1 hour, we done the food and we have a little walking around ikano. I remember that day had a heavy rain, so we were there until everning. I didn't shopping, because that time I have nothing to buy. That's for all the updates for today. Cheers :) Some picture at bottom.

#1 eat until mouth there also got rice
#2 the menu
#3 Me~
#4 See how much he ate?

Monday, July 19, 2010

♥My colleague's wedding♥

Oh yes! Updates is in process.. Well, I have not much to say about this post. Is just some photo's I took in my colleague weds. She was really amaze me with her make up and her dress. She look damm gorgeous. If I were a guy, sure do will faint after I saw it! Haha~Even, the groom was very young neither her age is far from him(I can't tell >.<).

Age is not a problem!! I can see from her big eye showing happiness in the future. I have nothing to share about this post just some photo's I took from the weds. So everyone cheers for them and me!! Haha~ If you guys like this post of mine, do drop me comment on my photo. I want to improve more photo-shooting skill. Haha~ Cheers :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Will be back soon

Past few weeks, I'm really working with a hard life now since I get my Credit card. So many debts that let me count a lot, so I was very busy to really out-dated blog for myself. I'm going on some project now, it's just my personal photographing stuff. I will post some photo's that I took on my colleagues Wedding. Soon, I will be updating my friend daughter portraits and much more photos will be here soon!

I'm so sorry for neglect my blog recently, But I promise to update soon when I have time. I need a do my photo's now! C ya~ :) Cheers

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Precious Love

How can you “think” you have life so figured out one day and the next your completely lost? It’s not always a bad thing though. Life changes so it seems that no one could ever really figure everything out, the only constant in life is change. Love seems to be the most difficult thing to understand though, even more so because it seems Love has different meanings to everyone. The way love makes you feel is the best feeling in the world, by far. You all know what I mean, you have either felt it or at the very least thought you did. You remember how you felt or feel? Amazing isn’t it?

Love makes you feel whole, inspires you, embraces you as you embrace it, makes you laugh, smile, cry, learn, realize and sometimes it helps you to realize the person you are and the person you want to become. Love opens your heart and unlocks the beauty held within each of us. Where is the key to your heart? Has someone found the key to your heart or are you still hoping, wishing and sometimes praying for the women or man of your dreams to find it? You all know exactly where I’m coming from.

Even if you haven’t shared love with your lover you long for it. You long to find someone who puts a smile on your face, you know that smile that never leaves even when it does, someone who cries when you cry, laughs when you laugh, even when there’s nothing to laugh at, someone who understands you like no other would or ever could. The person you show the real you to, you share all your dreams with and hope they don’t laugh but they never do.

Someone you know would never take you or your love for granted, a person always there to hold you, kiss you and when you wake up next to them in the morning the first words out of there mouth are “your so beautiful and I love you.” All those sleepless nights wondering if your the only person to ever feel this way, the only person to have your heart skip a beat and smile because of it, the only person to laugh and cry at the same time.

No your not alone, your one of Billions of people all going through this life longing to be longed for. You should never be afraid to tell a person how you really feel about them, you should never think I could never tell them how I really feel because maybe they don’t feel the same way or maybe they’ll just laugh. If they don’t feel the same way then that’s okay, it may hurt to hear it but if you truly, honestly love them then you’ll want them to be as happy as they can possible be and if you wouldn’t make them feel that way then it wasn’t meant to be.

If they laugh then they obviously have problems because I know for myself if a girl came up to me, even one I couldn’t stand to be around and told me how they feel something special when they think of me I would still be flattered. At the very least I would respect the courage they possessed to share their feelings, the risk, and the chance they took to tell another human being how their heart is feeling.

Always be honest with yourself and with others because it’s the right thing, never deny your heart what it needs to feel complete. We’re all here on this earth living, learning, experiencing, loving and trying to make it through each day. Realize were all in this together, even if you don’t think so. Don’t ever be afraid to embrace life and all it has to offer, your dreams are waiting for you, all it takes is for you to make them come true. Dreams are only ideas that need you to make them come true, if you dream it, if you feel it, if you want it bad enough you’ll press on afraid of nothing and make your dreams come true.

Embrace life, the good the bad and everything in-between and make it work for you. Even bad experiences bring good to you, if you let them. At the very least a bad experience brings you knowledge and the realization of what you or someone else did wrong. Think positive and life will be much easier. Life is how you perceive it, think about it like this, we all know people that we cant stand, you cant be around them, you cant even think about them without becoming overwhelmed with a feeling of almost hatred but another person looks at them and thinks wow, that person is so special and I would love to spend the rest of my life with them. You can apply that with a lot of aspects of life, life is not always what is seems and people are not always the person you perceive them as.

It’s up to you to try and see past some people’s false front and figure out who they are and what they’re ”really” all about. My take on it is people who try to be someone who they really aren’t have problems and issues about themselves that go way deeper than the front they put up. Live life to the fullest and Love yourself, how can someone else love you, I mean share some deep, lasting, magical love with you if you don’t love yourself? It’s just not going to happen, at least not to the level of love we’re all striving to achieve.

Monday, July 5, 2010

[The Nick Chang Journal]: Party with my "good Friends"

[The Nick Chang Journal]: Party with my "good Friends": "Why do i say like that?? They are really my good friends.... Coz they are ----------- FOOD!!! Yesterday night, we din at Bandar Manjala..."

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Random Sunday

Gosh, I am way far from the outing this few weeks! Because I have no time and no mood to out!! Really piss me off when comes to work!! Sigh!! But anyway, today was a lovely sunday for me! I went out my dearest friend in the noon and the evening. Took some pictures randomly before I hang out with them!!

After that, we went to City Park near by Seremban 2 :)

#3 father and daughther

#4 the family
#5 my dear friend n me camwhoring
#6 self camwhoring :)

One last thing, I would like to wish a special dear boy of mine and early wish from me "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". I very enjoy the lunch today, and I really had a great time with him and I feel so sorry because I haven't give him any present yet, But I'll give it to him when I come back, ok?? I promise!! Peace "V" Cheers up my dear boy!! :)