Friday, May 28, 2010

Mister Potato + Nuffnang : Prince of Persia

So glad I make it to this lucky ticket, because I got it from Nuffnang sponsoring by Mister Potato. I get there on time, and then my colleague and I decided to go dinner 1st before going to get our tickets! :) We went to Bambu desa which is a Indonesian restaurant that located just beside Sakae Sushi @The street, Curve. The food was delicious and we have a great time over the food and the services at the restaurant. Both of us spent about RM63.40 divide by 2 which means 1 person pay RM31.70 for this dinner!! This is worth for it!!
Ayam Panggang *Recommended + Delicious*
Taufoo + Fried Squid *Delicious*

After we have our self full enough, we start our walk from the restaurant to the lobby of Cathay Cineleisure. Takes about 10minutes walk, and then suddenly we saw the line was long so I rush to go Que-up for the long line!! After 30min, I got my tickets! Ta-da... I have tickets and they also gave me the Mister Potato Crispy Cripe. Wow! I was so surprise to get the chips as I never know this!! :) *Happy* . The movie starts at 9.30pm , so we decided to get some picture before enter the cinema. Haha~~ There's a lot of people taking pictures too, while I'm trying to have picture for my own-self. Time's up , after entering the room there also a bottle of mineral water that at sitting place, this is great!! We have Mister Potato Crispy Cripe + Mineral Water, This is call *Awesome*!! :)

Long Que!
After the long Que I get to registration counter!!
Finally Gets my tickets!!
So happy!!
Get two deck of Mister Potato Rice Crispy(original favor & BBQ favor)

Besides that, I saw Timothy Tiah - founder of Nuffnang and KY ( this is my 3rd time I saw him, is a faith isn't?) they were there too!! So happy!! Really love to share with you all here!! What can I saw, I'm damm happy blogger right now!! *Cheers*!

After this movie session, this movie is good!! *Big Claps*. In my heart , thanks Nuffnang and Mister Potato for the tickets!!
This is the good way to have my review here, as I already try the original one and the BBQ favor. This is delicious, that I already been tell this is good for my diet program which is less 20%
fat inside the rice crisps and trying this new mister potato rice crisps is worth to try as you guys out there haven't try it!! I hope this is not a short way having my review and opinion in Mister Potato Rice Crisps. If you people out there that haven't try this yet, go to your nearest super market and get 1 to yourself!! One last thing, Mister Potato Rice Crisps won't lose than the Pringles taste!! As people always saying once you try than everyday you want a deck of Mister Potato Rice Crisps (Any favor).

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

Well, This contest really makes me nuts of the Toy Stories that been over to 3 series now!! Wow.. I really get this right and make sure I can get the tickets to watch the new series of Toy Story "3".

I saw this Toy Story 3 trailer last 2 weeks ago, and I felt so excited when I saw the trailer makes me more crazy to watch this Toy Story 3.

Which toy I totally expected on the Toy Story 3? Yes , is Ken! This "cheeky" Ken really smudge to go on a date with Barbie!! :) I really wanted to see the action of this character. This character "Ken" I think a lot of people will expect him in this Toy Story 3 very much!!
The second character I really hope to appear on the movie and let people laugh the most I guess is the Big Baby~~ Well, 1st of all I love babies~~ haha!! Cute big baby reminds me when I was a kid, I love playing baby doll. The old doll of mind already been thrown away from me because is too old for me to keep! :( But I hope this Big Baby will let me surprise in The Toy Story 3. *Cheers*

This two character I really hope and expected very much in the Toy Story 3. *Yippee*
One Last thing, I really Hope I can win 2 tickets to go !! :) *Wink* Although is a bit old crank!! :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Invitation to the movie! :)

I'm so happy!! I get 2 tickets to go for the Prince of Persia :The Sands of Time from Nuffnang! Thank you! Especially to :- Snack & Screen Session with Rice Crisps by Mister Potato and Nuffnang!

Really happy, since I join Nuffnang , my life become more happier and felt like I'm so lucky to get movie invitation!! :)

My Wiggy Design

Yes.. is the instant cash blogging again~~ yahoo!! Yippy!! :) so glad the make a topic that I really do my art in this wiggy design stuff!! Well, well, well, My Imagination of my wiggy is look like a blingee girl wiggy with a lot of bling-bling diamond on it and heart shape in the wiggy body. It just a simple I do on my wiggy!

Really wanted to get this design, if P1w1max is going to have skin changers just a the Pendrive brand! :)

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Adidas Ole KO road show Midvalley

21 May 2010(Friday) - Really damm excited on that day! :) so happy!! I went there with my colleague Ai Wah. We so damm lucky, because we get there on time. hehe~~ So glad we make it over there, I already promise myself to there! :)

Before we waited the match start, we go for the "Yo! Sushi" at the Garden's. Yummy food, we spend just rm48.30 only! So cheap and nice!! :) It located at the ground floor and it just beside the "New Zealand" Ice cream. After that, we went for watson and I bought a maybelline mascara. :) *Happy*.

One thing lastly, my sis didn't shown up that day. We get there on time, we saw Niki Cheong at first. He was surrounded bunch of girls, i'm scared to approach him when I wanted to snap photo with him! But anyway, we saw Kimberlycun , Shaolintiger , Ninie Ahmad , Cheesie , KY , Niki Cheong and few people from season one project alpha.

Who win the futsal one on one game? Yes, is KY! Congratulation to him!! :) Yes, a promise from KY, we took a picture when he finish his games! :)

Bottom : here some pictures we took at Midvalley. :)

Fried Sweet Potato.

Unagi Don * Recommended
Baby Octopus *Delicious*
Cool Green Tea
This miso soup can refill!
Mixed Mushrooms *Recommended + Delicious*
Ai wah
Me *wink*
Small futsal court :)
KY and Me *Happy* Thanks for the promise! :)
Lastly the "together" Picture

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Maybelline Mascara "Amazing"

Wow... This is so "Amazing" when I put on the Maybelline the Magnum Express and it make my eye lashes more longer. I really love this, because I have too little of eye lashes and I felt ashamed for my eye lashes... :( But anyway, I have put on a fake eyes lashes too.. hehe~~ Would like to show off to you guys. :)

Before and After

My Amazing Eyelashes and my poisoning pose~ Wakaka~~

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Yes... Is another instant cash blogging again!!! Yahoo... Today's topic is "Football=Adidas?". Girls and Boys how much you know about Football?

Let's me bring the topic up and let you guys game on this Football stuff? For me what I know in my dictionary football means american football because I use to watch football On Astro and it show different stuff on the tv. But in asia country like us, means soccer and we use to call it "football".

Ok, I'm done with intro right? So let's start with this "Football = ADIDAS?" Why does it mean that? ADIDAS brand of football(I think), a lot of people wear this brand ADIDAS to play football on the field. ADIDAS is so familiar to us and a lot of people used to buy t-shirt and sports shoes at ADIDAS outlets at anywhere. So, when we think about ADIDAS it means football (I felt so cool for boys/guys when they wearing ADIDAS t-shirt/sports shoes, man they look gorgeous!!).

Anyway, not only Football you guys think about ADIDAS but other sports also can. But they most of them familiar with this brand ADIDAS and just think about football.

Yes, the Futsal - one on one this coming event at Midvalley I will be attend this event tomorrow!! Yahoo... So happy because my sis and my colleague will join me!!

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. The Project Alpha bloggers will be at the Adidas Pure Game Ole KO event on Friday (May 21), from 7.30pm-8.30pm. Catch them in action!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Big Angle" shrink in to "Small Angle" Look

Today I will let you guys know how capture a perfect nice angle look!! hehe~~ You know I'm fatty chubby lady here and I always try to capture myself into a small angle look without people know how fat am I! haha! Actually I'm big size lady here and I'm really hard to find clothes~ hehe!!

Now, I'm going to show you guys how with bottom of the picture!

The real picture that take from this angle!

So is easy right? :) Let's try for this! :) I'm glad I know this a lot. You guys can check the older post that I just take from a normal angle( front view) , this is how it difference the upper angle and the front angle.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I'm making my bling-bling Speckies!! hehe~~~!! Totally these month I'm damm boring because I done a lot of work last month lately and this month damm not much work to do so I decided to do a D.I.Y Section to show you guys!! :)

I'm going to show Step's that I make my "blingee speckies".

@Scissors and Blingees

@Cut the blingees into a row and then just stick it on to the spec


Monday, May 17, 2010

War Starts & It never ends (B*tch)

Today, really damm piss off already!! Why got such a b*tch in my damm jerk place? She's the rudeness b*tch ever!! Stupid arse whole!!! Just a small misunderstand all because of my stupid attitude. Err... Ok, I damm so sorry for b*tch! She's still a gassy person!! Maybe she already long time never had a good "F", and she need to get one from anyone(i think!!). This ugly b*tch thinking she's the pretties ever!! But for me, I treat b*tch as friend b*tch treat me like an useless rubbish.

Oh god, please let me to pray 'B*tch "F" off'!! I'm damm piss off!!!

Why? Why? Why? and Why? Please do leave me alone!! I don't make you piss old b*tch!! Why can't you just leave me alone? I have nothing to with you!! Your just gassy with no reason!! I already be patient a lot to myself that I have control my temper so much!! I really hope b*tch get lost 1 day!! Please!!

I'm praying!! :(~~~~ ish!!!!~~~~ B*tch get lost!!!

Who Will Win the World Cup?

Yahoo.... is the instant cash blogging again brought to you by Project Alpha sponsor from Adidas, MAS, P1W1MAX....

Oh Ya... Who will win the world Cup? I hope Italy can be the one!! The few year pass were the team who gets the world cup! This is so cool, If I have a chance to go South Africa to watch the final match it would be great! I'm not from a rich family, so I know I have to behave myself!! *Sad* I believe saving money can able to go outstation one day!! I'm saving money to go bali next year , if can I hope I can save rm5000!! :) My dearest junior will go with me to bali!! :)

Well, soccer is not my favorite sport but sometimes I will watch some!! :) Sometimes think about guys who play soccer are more man and style than the other guys!! But, my dream guy? erhmm... I hope the is "Ang Mo". Because I love "Ang Mo" Style , that's all! haha!!!
And one more thing, I hope I can get this instant cash blogging stuff, Please do pray for me ya!! hehe~~~~~

I think most of the people will choose Italy(I guess)!!

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Diet 3

Darn, I break my promise and I ate chicken today! Darn... I can't be like this, please let me look the without smelling it!! I hate this!! and oily stuff I like it so much but I touch it today, so i decided to go for jogging tomorrow morning!! So folks, Please stay for me with this diet program!! haha!!

Yes, I totally agree with my colleague ai wah when she leaves a comment "Determination is a key to be success" in my diet program!!! Hope I can!! Thanks Ai wah for being so supportive for me!! :)

Hope I can be the success one!! :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

How Many Wiggies?

Hey guys, is the instant cash blogging again. This week topic is "How Many Wiggies?". I counted in the picture is 140 wiggies. I think I correct! Anyone can guess it!!
Come and count it and leave your comment above!!! :)

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Diet 2

Today evening went to Desa Park City again to jog, haha!! My diet program starts since 2 days ago, OMG I have to keep this on and I have to jog for every weekday. Damm it... I really hope I have the commitment to slim down my weight.

The 1st thing that I already slimmed down , go for shopping !! Yahoo.. yes, it is a difficulty for a fat girl like me to buy clothes just in normal boutique. This time I really have the confident and commitment to go this diet program.

Today, I went with my colleague Ai wah. She's talking about "Lala Qiong" and I asked her back is it "Ngah Ngah Qiong"? She tell me the "Lala Qiong" it means intestine pain. So it just means the same with the "Ngah Ngah Qiong"!!Gosh.. I thought I heard it I got 8 ears !! So silly!! haha!!

After get a jog over there, when I back home and make my salad for tomorrow morning and for the afternoon. So I'll be continuing my diet program tomorrow evening ... Go for me!!! Please pray for me to slim myself down!! :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

♥I met Cheesie♥

I'm so happy today! Because I saw Cheesie at Desa Park City!! Yahoo... I can't believe I saw her and took picture with her in real!! She so pretty!! I'm so glad to meet her. As I mention her the whole day today!! This is the 1st time I met a famous blogger when I just take a jog at Desa Park City Kepong. I'm so excited after meeting her, when she asked me to drop her a comment with a my blog link in her blog! She is so friendly, I hope to meet her again if possible!! :)
Come and support Cheesie !!!I hope to see on the next friday at Midvalley Centre Court! :)

Anyway, Nice to meet you!! :)

Im so sorry for the camera man MR KY~~ I din recognise u!! Because U look so familiar!! Haha!! Nice Meeting you too!!

P/S: Please forgive me Mr.KY as I'm so blur by that time!!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Can't believe I broke a chair in my office again!! Damm it!! I'm so sad, because I think I gain weight again! Damm~~ So I decided to bring my heart and soul out to get rid those junk and chunky food out of my head! Really cannot believe I broke another chair that I just sit on it just 2 months plus I think!

So the latest menu that I'm going for my diet is :

Breakfast - Vermicelli soup with tomato
Lunch - Salad or Coleslaw
Dinner - Bread + Water or Salad

I think , this can work for me!! I'm so sad now, because I'm too heavy!! I can't believe I gain so much weight ...

One last word, Please do support me and give me more effort to contribute my diet program! :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Niki Cheong for the Adidas Ole KO Challenge!

Adidas Ole Ko Challenge is here... This is the third time I'm joining project alpha instant cash blogging. Well oh well, this time the challenge @ the competition will be held at the midvalley, center court on the 21 May 2010. Let's crowd the place more crowded!! Yeepee!!!

Which team I support?

Oh Ya...will be support bloggers from the project alpha season 2 which is Niki Cheong because I'm not too familiar with the season 1 bloggers (I'm so sorry, because I missed out).

Why I choose Niki? Erhmmm... from the way he live I guess?? I'm not his best friend, but I saw the clips where project alpha post it on you tube and his seminar are great. He is good in walking (I think). He is active in any activities and also likes to challenge ( I saw this when the interview from project alpha if I not mistaken). He talks a lot too, if that can help in futsal!! haha!!

Imagine 1 day , I can play with Niki , I hope I can beat him in badminton competition. I mean to have challenge with him in a badminton court.

This challenge futsal is seem to be fun, I can imagine that Niki might be enjoy this futsal game here. Hope he can play well and won't let us down. Those who support Niki, please do vote for him!! :)

You guys out there, Must have a view from his blog!!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Catch the Project Alpha bloggers at the Adidas Ole KO road show at Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall, Friday 21 May at 7.30pm!

Support Project Alpha Season 2

I might be going over, please stay tune for more updates!! See you there!!!

The Curve & Sunway

Well... My sister came to my place last Friday. So we decided to go the curve to have our dinner and have a little walk over.

We don't know what to eat when we reaches there, and we decided to go 'KIM GARY' to have dinner. OMG~~ We went a pirate ship, Darn.. the food over there 'SUCKS' .... and also the place are over crowded and we have to sit very close to other peoples. Not only that, the place is very narrow I can't even walk through smoothly.

I advice you people out there, please think before you enter this narrow place!!!!

The next day, Saturday - both of us decided to go Sunway as we already discuss last night. So we went there, and we have brunch over there at Sushi Zenmai. The food over there , Yum.. Yum... So nice and we order a lot too...

After brunch, my sis and I go for a walk and came in the KITCHEN. She bought a dress and I bought nothing.. Haha!! After that, we came into the BONITA for accessories and I bought a hair band..

About 5pm , we go straight back to our home!!