Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Big Angle" shrink in to "Small Angle" Look

Today I will let you guys know how capture a perfect nice angle look!! hehe~~ You know I'm fatty chubby lady here and I always try to capture myself into a small angle look without people know how fat am I! haha! Actually I'm big size lady here and I'm really hard to find clothes~ hehe!!

Now, I'm going to show you guys how with bottom of the picture!

The real picture that take from this angle!

So is easy right? :) Let's try for this! :) I'm glad I know this a lot. You guys can check the older post that I just take from a normal angle( front view) , this is how it difference the upper angle and the front angle.

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@iwah said...

yayayaya... I know u look cute on ur photos.. no need to teach people how to take picture geh.. ^_* wink2