Friday, May 14, 2010

Diet 2

Today evening went to Desa Park City again to jog, haha!! My diet program starts since 2 days ago, OMG I have to keep this on and I have to jog for every weekday. Damm it... I really hope I have the commitment to slim down my weight.

The 1st thing that I already slimmed down , go for shopping !! Yahoo.. yes, it is a difficulty for a fat girl like me to buy clothes just in normal boutique. This time I really have the confident and commitment to go this diet program.

Today, I went with my colleague Ai wah. She's talking about "Lala Qiong" and I asked her back is it "Ngah Ngah Qiong"? She tell me the "Lala Qiong" it means intestine pain. So it just means the same with the "Ngah Ngah Qiong"!!Gosh.. I thought I heard it I got 8 ears !! So silly!! haha!!

After get a jog over there, when I back home and make my salad for tomorrow morning and for the afternoon. So I'll be continuing my diet program tomorrow evening ... Go for me!!! Please pray for me to slim myself down!! :)

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@iwah said...

Do need to pray la.. Determination is the key to SLIMMING WORLD... hehe ^O^