Monday, November 29, 2010

Fearless of Love

I'm afraid that this is too far from me, when ever some guy came to you and say "Would you like to be my girlfriend?" So what should answer? I can't think about this!!

Another thing is I missed him a lot! But he never say hello to me!! X( I'm so scared that he will leave me!! X( Too bad, he is far from me!! X(

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

As a Fatty~~

Totally very sad today!! Sigh!! I really want to suicide myself already!! X( Damm angry and sad!!
I don't know why everything is happen to me again! I've been dump a the roadside! I'm so so upset now!! Probably I won't go out anymore! Is stupid to me!! Sigh!! I wanna curse him "HaRd"!! Argghh~~ I bloody no mood and angry!! What should I do??????

I'm going to be crazy soon!!! Help Help!! X( Sigh!! I wish there is someone by my side now!! I hate them!! Arghh!! So bloody angry!! Can i kill a guy now!! So so so so so ignoring!!!!!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

100% Support!!!


Sincery from : Nicole a.k.a. Janice4u

The Great Atmosphere of Love

Dear "You",

I've been waiting such a long time for a nice and comfort relation! To be part of this, I really used to be dump and no serious of such relationship. Just to be aware that, I'm so deathly crazy about you, as you don't really care about me. Why am I so determine myself to go on diet? Because of "You"!! But I keep telling myself, not because of you, this doesn't make through anything for me and you too.

I know I'm just writing some nonsense just to get your attention as you don't really care about it. I hardly to see you, as you so busy about your life! But I hope you'll get successful life and not like me yet I'm still a lost lamb who running around the circle of life!! Sigh!! I really wish to be by your side, and you need a most too!!

Anyway, Cheer up everything and I really wanted to go there and get to know each other well. Part of my life is to catch up things that I've been missed!! I want to catch up your heart!! Cheers!!

With Love,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ad: Benefiber

Hey guys, I found this advertorial interesting and I just wanna share. It helps those who are going for diet program just like me would be very curious what food you gonna have when after a exhausted work out! XD

Introducing "Benefiber" which is made from 100% natural ingredients, you can mix it with almost anything*. Benefiber Powder dissolves completely in water and won't alter the taste or texture of your food or beverages*. Benefiber Powder is available at all leading pharmacies.
Wow!! This is great I can mix any of my food with powder without worrying my weight!! XD That's cool enough!

How you get free sample of "Benefiber"?

Click on this Benefiber

Follow my instruction :

Click on the "Get Your FREE SAMPLE now"

Fill in all the information so that they can send you the sample

One last thing answer the survey and then click submit.
They will send you after you fill in everything!! Hope you guys can get it real soon! I'm waiting mine too~~ Cheerss!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Program Continue...

Totally no disappointed in my mind now!! Because I did it, and I lose another 1kg. I'm glad I did well for this pass 2 weeks. But last 2 days when I jog around in my area, there's one kid who called me fatty aunty really make me so sad and down that day. But nothing can stop me from being so cruel to me and I continue my journey with slow jog.

From my mind, there's no turning back and I'm glad I did it this time. I'm so proud of myself and today I also saw there's a lady who really bigger size than me and when she saw me jog 2 rounds, she started her jog during my jog too. I don't know why she suddenly jog and I heard that she did call her friends and waited them at the park there. So is this means I determine her? XD I'm not sure but for sure I know a lot of people who did laugh at me when I jog. But in my heart it really hurts, but I won't stop this program of mine!!

To those who did laugh at me, one day I'm gonna be success too!

Cheers for me!! XD

Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 5

I think I can make it and I really wanted to be last longer. One thing I'm so worried is that, I don't know whether I can handle my food well or not? When ever I saw food at every where, I felt like so mouth-watering and wanted to have a bite. Another thing is, I saw some advertisement (Pizza hut!!!) OMG!! I felt like going to the restaurant and order it!!

I don't know why? I still can't make myself hundred percent fully control with my mouth!! haha~ But is ok for that, as long I have my jog morning and the evening jog everyday it is very good for me to burn more calories and fats too~

Currently my weight is 97kg. Can you guys believe that?? XD

I'm so glad and excited the next losing weight!! I'll keep it up!! Cheers for me yo!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 4

I'm looking forward for my weight~ I think I keep this up for a year, I think I can lose more weight? I just don't know it~ But I really hope when everything is settle for him and I am just in time to meet him up~ I'm so happy because I can keep this so much stronger and determine so much of it.

I can't wait to see him as he also wants to see me as well~ We've been such a long time never met, I hope I can enjoy the trip when he accompanies me! (Can't wait!!) XD

Cheers for me ya!! XD

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 3

I maintain my weight so far. I'm glad as if you guys who have follow my twitter might knowing I had done 4 laps jog today!! I'm so happy and I'm proud to myself who really decided what I want and what I wanna be too~~

I don't want to be a fatty anymore, I hope I can last this and I wanna finish this task very soon! God please give me more strength and energy to continue this~ Thank you!! XD

Cheers for me ya!! XD

Day 2

It was a very incredible day I spent it very wisely!! XD I went for morning jog and also the afternoon session~ I'm so happy and glad I did it. I weight myself, I got my weight lost 3kg now~ XD So happy! I'll just have to keep up and Please do stay turn for all my info. I love to share with you guys! Cheers for me!! Thanks~ XD

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 1

I don't know this right or wrong way to go on my diet program, but i do hope i can make it on and motivate myself more!! XD Ok.. I did go for a jog around my housing area!! Ya, I went back hometown this week. I don't know next week should i come back again? Erhmm, because I have some programs I might be going for the party? XD

Ya, what I ate for lunch? I ate mushrooms with shrimp. Is that nice?? I think that's good enough!! XD Oh ya!! About dinner, I don't know what should I eat??? Hahaha~~ XD I don't want some carbohydrate in my dinner, any suggestion anyone?? XD

Well, this is it for the Day 1 program~ Just started!! Tomorrow will be another day!! XD Cheers!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

I was wondering??

This early morning before I enjoy my diet program, I've started to think something really disturbing me for the whole night. Which is why I'm not sleeping well for the pass 2 days. I just realize that I'm not perfect enough for you as you have read my blog daily and I'll never give up till I felt like giving up!! As you can see here, even I'm a fatty but yet I still can be what I want and what I'm gonna be. It depends on the time, I just want you to know that I'm not the right time and right person for you now and I hope you do your best in what ever things that you are doing right now! Just want myself fulfill some dreams I've been looking for, come on I know for 9 - 10 years i think and we are still friends right.

I never tell anything for you as I'm a girl and I've been very brave for this. I never try this before and I've a very thick face to face you!! I never think what the risk is and I don't care! What I want and I know what I'm doing!! Just be myself and also be yourself back!

Cheers for you where ever you are!! XD

Happy Deepavali

To all indian friends, HAPPY DEEPAVALI !! May the good year come and enjoy good luck for the year!! Cheers!!! XD

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Suddenly I'm like suicide myself... Damm... Anything happens, I'll still move on my plan~~ Erhmm... One word to describe my mood now : GERAM

Diet Program? Why?

I think some people who did read my previous blog that I still haven't finish my diet program as Now my weight is increase till 100kg!! Man... Can you guys believe this? Haha... I think this post might be surprise those reader who read this post!! XD Yes , his is a truly story about me!! Even my pictures doesn't look like me because I never touch up anything on my face or body and I just posing on the camera with a very small chubby face and body!!

I'm sorry if I did cheated those who seem my pictures and felt very ugly for me!! XD Part of my life failing with the word "LOVE" was very horrible for pass years I've been going through!! Mostly those guys who really admire me, I think they just want what they wanted to and not me the love in my heart. But wait there's one of my ex who do not thrown me up and he just like very respect me as his gf. I was too late because I've dump him(So sorry, I hope you can get a new gf). Why I dump him? Sensitive question, erhmmm.. Actually I felt I'm not a good enough person who can really satisfied him and I know I'm not the who he looking for(Just my feeling to think about "HIM").

Ok.. Let's move on my topic. I started to think this back because I found someone who i really admire and that person had join in a competition to slim down body. I just really angry and sad for myself. Why am I so selfish and no determination for myself to go on a diet program? Is this hard? I ask myself many times, one last thinking. I really felt like this time, I really wanna go the best. I don't want to lose myself and I also to be prettier and healthier!! Who doesn't like pretty and sexy girl, right? I wanna be like them too!! Please pray for my determination for keep myself moving on!!

Here's my plan(I want to list down so that I can refer back) : I'll go for morning jog in my garden area ---> breakfast will be oat and raisins!!
Afternoon ---> normal meal vege and fish !! No rice!!! (For god shakes, please don't let me see rice!! XD)
Evening ----> Jog in my area and raisins and yogurt will be my dinner!! XD

Sound happy right?? I have to make myself more determine for this!! Hope everything will be ok so do the person who I admire!! GAMBATEH!!!! Support you till the end of the program. One last thing, I hope that person who can keep in touch with me "ALWAYS".!!!!

Cheers!!! XD

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Deep Missing for you

I don't know how to express my feeling right now, but all I hope that he is real for me and I can be the real for him. For the past years, I felt like I'm a freak to be a lover. It is hard for me to stable and continue a nice comfortable relationship for the past years.

This time, I really hope to be good enough person that we been through for the past 10 years as we known as "Friends". I hope you can settle everything and become a more successful person in the coming forward future. I'm please to pray for you, May God Blessed you all the Time!!

I can't wait to meet you as soon as possible, as I really want to meet you back very much as you already leave the country for past 2 years. I'm sorry that I've been blocking you from my msn and I know you mention to me a lot of times. Here to announce "I'm very very SORRY" Please forgive me!!! XD

Cheers for everything!! One last word, MISS YOU!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

November XD

Hey guys, is November now!! Yes!! Gonna fun and excited month!! This coming month, I think I will blog a lot of junk I guess?? haha~ Last weekend, I did enjoy myself a little shopping!! *Wink*

So happy by this moment, even though my salary haven't out yet. I'm still looking forward to see my money come to me!! haha~ Come to mama babe' ~ XD

Wanna have some shopping for this coming Deepavali !! XD Guess I'm not alone, I hope she's not going to miss out the "Date". Ikea's food "Chicken Wings" Yummy!!!

Cheers!! XD