Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Program Continue...

Totally no disappointed in my mind now!! Because I did it, and I lose another 1kg. I'm glad I did well for this pass 2 weeks. But last 2 days when I jog around in my area, there's one kid who called me fatty aunty really make me so sad and down that day. But nothing can stop me from being so cruel to me and I continue my journey with slow jog.

From my mind, there's no turning back and I'm glad I did it this time. I'm so proud of myself and today I also saw there's a lady who really bigger size than me and when she saw me jog 2 rounds, she started her jog during my jog too. I don't know why she suddenly jog and I heard that she did call her friends and waited them at the park there. So is this means I determine her? XD I'm not sure but for sure I know a lot of people who did laugh at me when I jog. But in my heart it really hurts, but I won't stop this program of mine!!

To those who did laugh at me, one day I'm gonna be success too!

Cheers for me!! XD


Hilda Milda™ said...

Yes, chin up babe and keep that spirit! You will succeed!

♥Nicole's♥ said...

thanks hilda~ Love you!! XD