Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 5

I think I can make it and I really wanted to be last longer. One thing I'm so worried is that, I don't know whether I can handle my food well or not? When ever I saw food at every where, I felt like so mouth-watering and wanted to have a bite. Another thing is, I saw some advertisement (Pizza hut!!!) OMG!! I felt like going to the restaurant and order it!!

I don't know why? I still can't make myself hundred percent fully control with my mouth!! haha~ But is ok for that, as long I have my jog morning and the evening jog everyday it is very good for me to burn more calories and fats too~

Currently my weight is 97kg. Can you guys believe that?? XD

I'm so glad and excited the next losing weight!! I'll keep it up!! Cheers for me yo!!!

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