Thursday, June 24, 2010

5 things I hate about "X"

Today really damm no mood~ Actually it was few day past since Monday, I was very unhappy with the work I'm having right now!! Why on earth I love complaining so much since this is not a big deal??

I know people who read this post of mine definitely will piss off. Who cares? I have my priority so I have my right to release my tension!

Totally fed-up with my darn job!! I'm totally depress and I can't think a lot of things!! Last year, I was just ok and fine with my job. And now what I get is just complains about my speed of the job! WTF!! Please!! I'm just a human , I'm not robot! Please do abuse me so much!! This is nothing to do with my Period. Just spread my WTF mouth here!!

5 things I hate about "X"
1. Phone picking really make me sucks(I only have 2 hands, please treat me as human).
2. Make my life easier if you don't disturb me.
3. Kindly don't rush me, because I'm just a human, not a dog.
4. I know I'm always wrong, please try to listen to me when I'm telling the facts.
5. Don't ask me to translate for you because my english also very bad(don't blame if you don't understand what I try to tell you).

This above is just my stressing facts. Please ignore it, if you don't like this and do press CTLR+F4.

There's lot to spread it out from future post, if I can remember. Ok folks! This is it! Chaoz!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My happy update

I'm so sorry for the lost update last week. I was very busy because of my work, I did my over time for last week. But I did a lot of happy things that I would like to share with you guys!! :)

Finally I get the contact lens from CIBA VISION. Yippee~ Thanks again for the free gift!! :)

Another happy things I get was the credit card that I already apply for the pass 2 months. Now, I am really surprise to get it!! But one thing that I'm really don't like was the expire date. They gave me the until the end of this year!! Gosh, means I have to apply another one if I can get one!! :)

Third thing I wanted to share was : my dear friend daughter. She is a pretty and sweet cute girl. I took some picture here with my friend(she's not the mother, because my friend is pregnant can't take picture with her).

Hope you guys like my update :)

Do comment me too~ Cheers :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Moody sunday

I'm so desperate!! Because my old laptop is going to say bye bye to me!! :( Totally upset and no mood to go anywhere!!

Since I get my p1w1max, I though I can enjoy my days to update my blog and I couldn't believe its restart since I found it last week!! Is there anyway I can solve this problem???

I can't afford a new laptop now since I'm over used my money for the trip!! I really damm broke now!! Please la... let me save more money to buy a laptop please!!

I hope I can earn money from blogging!! Please!! I'm begging it(Do I sound like a beggar??)!! Sigh!!!

Another thing, I'm damm moody was my friend(can't mention "his" name). He totally no reply for my plan to go Bali next year!! I don't know when he will reply me and give me exactly the date to go for the trip. And guess what? I really damm piss off already, sigh I felt like canceling with them!! Sigh!! This is really screws up mood!! F*CK

What the h*ll is going on??? I really felt my bad luck is back for me since I didn't do anything wrong?? Sigh!!! Making me piss off~~~ 1 more last thing is~~ I didn't win the tickets to go for the Toy Story 3~~ Sigh!! Really make me more upset today!! Totally, fierce off my face!!

I can't relax for my weekends, I need to solve everything else. But I know this is just a small matter, but I really no mood to blog anything interesting!! Sh*t

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Short Update

My dear friend, I have no time to blog! This freaking week really makes my life busy, I just manage to blog few post for this week.

Today, I apply my P1W1max at Carrefour !! Really happy and I can now online without worrying anything. All I need is just pay my bills monthly!! :)

Secondly, I can't wait for this weekend because I'm going to meet my old friends. I'm so happy because I wanted to meet them so much that I don't have time to meet them up!!

Finally, I get myself to online now. I will be blogging all the time that I'm free.. Hope this will be last longer as I'm really a busy WOMAN now!! haha!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What kind of Marriage Propose I Like?

Hey there people!! I'm happy today to share with you guys something I never though of and I would to share it over here!! :)

1st of all I glad and thankful to my colleague Ai Wah that she borrow me the p1w1max to let me used for a night! :)

Secondly, telling story people marriage propose.

Erhmm.. Girls dream one day can get married with a surprising marriage propose that really damm surprise. I was thinking if one day, my boy-friend give a big surprise in front of public to propose me, I would probably won't accept him so fast as I need to concern a lot thing.

The next thing is, I will totally run away and hide at some where else. Because I'm to frightening of this big surprise as I cannot face it in front of many people(this is too shy).

Lastly, I might make my boy-friend disappointed , depress, angry and sad , he might asked me to broke up with him!!

This truly sad for me who can't accept his marriage propose!! So girls, don't be ridiculous like me, because I'm too stupid for my toughs!! Do not follow the steps of mine!! :)

There is a marriage propose way I like that I just saw in Facebook. I think a lot of girls will like it very much!! :)

click here!! to watch this video!

I hope maybe someday I can get this marriage propose... But not too crowded, I will be very shy!! haha!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 2

Trying my luck for this instant cash blogging again!! I hope I get it!! *Cross my fingers*!! Please!! Well, this week topic Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 2. Which bits I like about this season 2? I love the part of Cheesie in Tambun. The one that really make crowded on was Cheesie. Must give her a big clap!! she hold on a snake!! She really a brave lady, isn't she?

The second part is Niki Cheong and Jojo Styrus meets up Xia Xue and her fiances at London!! Cool interview with Xia Xue which talks a lot of Xia Xue blogging life. She really a good blogger with a lot rude word came from her mouth!! She really damm good in rude stuff!! One word, "She's Cool"!!

The London part was very nice and they have nice food and shopping!! I really admire her shopping style. Niki Cheong done a great job by interview her with Jojo Styrus!!

Lastly,Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.


Confusing!! I have lost my broadband modem!!! Hey folks, I can't get myself online while I'm stay around my hostel now!! This is damm sad!!! My salary haven't out yet!! I wanted to buy a modem~~ This is terrible! I can't blog for this few days!!

I hope I can get that soon!!! As it seems not that important, but blogging in my hostel it is one of my hobby now! Darn!!

I'm such a nerd now!! Can't even imagine I totally lost the modem!! Erhmmm.. is there anyone selling broadband modem?? I need one with a cheap price!!

Anyone out there, please do look for me a cheap modem that I can effort it!!??? TQ!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

GPS vs Google Map

Well, today I went to the Midvalley and I saw 2 or 3 lots that exhibit GPS in a small exhibition so-called PC east(I think I'm not mistaken, because its name hard for me to remember >.
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