Thursday, June 3, 2010

Government vs Private

Me,myself, and I graduated with no honor of diploma of Information Technology and my main subject is programming!! Well, this part of my life giving me a hard time to finish it with 3 years back in Dungun Terengganu!! With no priority of chinese around the time in college I was alone and with no help any chinese seniors or juniors , I glad I had my hard time of surviving in this small college!! Creeps a lot there's a lot of Malays studying here because this is a Government college and not the private one!!

There are a lot of differences in between government and private college/university, such as :-

Getting college loan from the government associates - for those from the gov mostly they will get the loan less than a month, for those from privates they will get them more than a month. Probably this is good for those gov students.

Diploma studies period - private 2 years without training, gov 3 years with half year training session. For me, this is good because you can learn more things with a practical knowledge that we can't learn from the books!!

This 2 reason that I try to show is even myself from a gov college hardly believe I love the past gov college that I already finished my studies for the past 3 years in Dungun Terengganu. The part of the reasons is just only comparison , I hope there is no harm for this!!

If you people out there, have more opinion you can always drop your comment just below of my post. I hope I can share the answer and question. Hope I can help those under graduate high school student!! *Cheers*


Victor Tan said...

Private is better. But then there's a sense of foreign hegemony in it.

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Private college for me=) Especially if i'm thinking of a prospective place in UK's university=)

♥Nicole's♥ said...

oh~~ Thanks for the sharing!! :)