Thursday, June 10, 2010

What kind of Marriage Propose I Like?

Hey there people!! I'm happy today to share with you guys something I never though of and I would to share it over here!! :)

1st of all I glad and thankful to my colleague Ai Wah that she borrow me the p1w1max to let me used for a night! :)

Secondly, telling story people marriage propose.

Erhmm.. Girls dream one day can get married with a surprising marriage propose that really damm surprise. I was thinking if one day, my boy-friend give a big surprise in front of public to propose me, I would probably won't accept him so fast as I need to concern a lot thing.

The next thing is, I will totally run away and hide at some where else. Because I'm to frightening of this big surprise as I cannot face it in front of many people(this is too shy).

Lastly, I might make my boy-friend disappointed , depress, angry and sad , he might asked me to broke up with him!!

This truly sad for me who can't accept his marriage propose!! So girls, don't be ridiculous like me, because I'm too stupid for my toughs!! Do not follow the steps of mine!! :)

There is a marriage propose way I like that I just saw in Facebook. I think a lot of girls will like it very much!! :)

click here!! to watch this video!

I hope maybe someday I can get this marriage propose... But not too crowded, I will be very shy!! haha!!


Zenghoong said...

Visiting from innit. Haha, maybe when u find the right guy, u wont be shy. :)

♥Nicole's♥ said...

But is scary!!