Thursday, June 24, 2010

5 things I hate about "X"

Today really damm no mood~ Actually it was few day past since Monday, I was very unhappy with the work I'm having right now!! Why on earth I love complaining so much since this is not a big deal??

I know people who read this post of mine definitely will piss off. Who cares? I have my priority so I have my right to release my tension!

Totally fed-up with my darn job!! I'm totally depress and I can't think a lot of things!! Last year, I was just ok and fine with my job. And now what I get is just complains about my speed of the job! WTF!! Please!! I'm just a human , I'm not robot! Please do abuse me so much!! This is nothing to do with my Period. Just spread my WTF mouth here!!

5 things I hate about "X"
1. Phone picking really make me sucks(I only have 2 hands, please treat me as human).
2. Make my life easier if you don't disturb me.
3. Kindly don't rush me, because I'm just a human, not a dog.
4. I know I'm always wrong, please try to listen to me when I'm telling the facts.
5. Don't ask me to translate for you because my english also very bad(don't blame if you don't understand what I try to tell you).

This above is just my stressing facts. Please ignore it, if you don't like this and do press CTLR+F4.

There's lot to spread it out from future post, if I can remember. Ok folks! This is it! Chaoz!!


Hilda Milda said...

Chill dear (:

k0k s3n w4i said...

working life is bad... all my friends in the workforce are also under tremendous stress.. keep ur head up, k?

Jonshea said...

Relax and take cares!

nebular said...

Chill out.......follow your tweet n following u too