Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Friend become Enermy? B*tch Style

Critic is a bad word. I can't imagine myself doing this again. Therefore, I don't think I can't critic or curse people with a bad heart of mine can let a person reserved something bad for them self but I can't sure "GOD" saw what we did!

This is the second post I'm going to scold a person. I damm up sad with a person who totally misunderstand with me so much!! What did is just small matter this morning when during the working hour, I can't believe B*tch did a stupid style that b*tch rather passed information to a third party and don't want to pass it to me straight. As this is what happen, the information was wrong when the third party passed the wrong information and I have to done the stupid thing all over again and pass back to the B*tch through email!! I can't believe that the B*tch is so nuts, can't B*tch just leave me alone instead of giving me so much problem and issues!! She's trying to put all over a lot of mistake that something I make, but what I can tell is "No One Is Perfect"!! Now, I really need to aware a lot of thing while I'm working in any important work that related with that B*tch!!

Try to imagine, one day you have a b*tch treating you like a dog what can you do beside to be patient? I really hope one day b*tch will realize what b*tch did in the past and never make people get anger with b*tch? I realize B*tch don't friends (B*tch just hang around in my department and she's don't hang out with other people) Poor thing!! :P


kenwooi said...

just be patient.. what comes around goes around =)

♥Nicole's♥ said...

Kenwooi - thanks again!! :) *Cheers*