Monday, June 7, 2010


Confusing!! I have lost my broadband modem!!! Hey folks, I can't get myself online while I'm stay around my hostel now!! This is damm sad!!! My salary haven't out yet!! I wanted to buy a modem~~ This is terrible! I can't blog for this few days!!

I hope I can get that soon!!! As it seems not that important, but blogging in my hostel it is one of my hobby now! Darn!!

I'm such a nerd now!! Can't even imagine I totally lost the modem!! Erhmmm.. is there anyone selling broadband modem?? I need one with a cheap price!!

Anyone out there, please do look for me a cheap modem that I can effort it!!??? TQ!!


Tcr Ain said...

Never try broadband. Many people said it's connection not really good.

♥Nicole's♥ said...

but for me ok la!! Because I cant use w1max!!!there is no coverage over at my place!!!