Monday, August 16, 2010

The Expendable Speacial Screening

Yes.. I did won myself again a pair of tickets to "The Expendable". Unfortunately, my dear colleague "Ai Wah" she went to Langkawi, on the screening day so I ask my friend "Sharon" came along with me to the screening. Well, nothing about us. We just went to the restaurant called "Xian Ding Wei" at The curve. Oh yes, the food there awesome. Delicious actually! There is another branch at Sunway there, but this branch I think is better than the one at The curve. Or it just my taste different. You guys can try and find out yourself :D .

This screening really amaze me, because on the day before screening I saw there is other sponsors who sponsoring tickets for the screening too. That means, they have 4 or 5 room who showing "The Expendable". Honestly, the movie were great. In a meanwhile, what I would like to tell is if you guys were not into those blood screening better don't watch it because there is a lot bleeding screen.

Rate for this movie : 8/10 stars

So if you out there, haven't watch this yet do go to your nearest cinema and get the tickets before it close for the screening. Peace out XD ~ Cheers!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Second day of My birthday

This is really amazing for me, I won 2 tickets to the SLASH concert at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. I was very happy and excited. I got it from P1w1max. Thank you so much! I had a great time moment there! This is really cool~ Can you guys imagine that I got it so lucky by just tweeting those tweet on twitter and got the tickets easily. Well, guys do follow my twitter you will get more surprises. haha!!

Lot's of freebies to be won!! I hope you guys get it too~ Cheers!!

Yes, I invite my colleague again "Ai Wah". She so lucky to have me(joking). Actually, I don't have much friends over K.L here. So she's the only one can go with me. By the way, before we go for the concert , food is the best part to cover all our hungry stomach. We went to the "Full House".

It was my first visit so do my colleague. The design of the cafe really nice and the theme of the cafe was white. Nice view!! Took pictures and over food too.

#1 Design 1
#2 Design 2
#3 Ai wah's maggie(she order wrongly, hahaha)
#4 Jasmine tea(Nice!)
#5 Side order wedges(Yummy!)
#6 Cod fish with Mash Potato(Delicious! Must Try!)
#7 Promoting Full House(Haha~~)
After finish food, by the right time the concert starts. We went there, before entering the concert there are security , they need to spot-check our bags (=.=' it was my first time being spot-check before entering concert) I never been through this so I was curious about that but is okay no worries we enter the place smoothly. After 15 minutes walk to the surf beach(kinda long way), concert start. Really a crowded place, and the music really bits my heart. Heavy metal style !! SLASH really rocks.

#8 Concert starts and I'm starting to sweat(Haha~)
#9 SLASH Rocks~

Damm happy, good concert and good food I had. Such a great time, the concert finish at 10.45pm. Traffic jam starts, we head back to our house almost 11.30pm. That's the report of my birthday plan. Awesome plus Cool. I bets kenwooi won't jealous about me(Kidding, don't angry ya?). Cheers :)

P/S : There is more update about my birthday!! :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Best Birthday celebration of the Year 2010

August 4th big day of mine - I turn 23(Man, I'm getting old now). This is really make me crazy already!! haha~ I can't believe I already survive in the earth for 23 years. Life is very short, just a moment I just felt I haven't old yet and I still have plenty of times to go travel and have fun around.

For other people, this is the time for those who already couple it might be the suitable time to get married. Me, myself? I already been broke up with my ex! So I'm no longer a couple person and remain myself single.

Well, what ever happen doesn't make myself down from my birthday celebration.

I really had my great time and enjoy myself by winning tickets for the Tekken movie (Tropicana City Mall) sponsoring from Nuffnang . Before the movie starts, Me and My colleague Ai wah went for dinner . We decided to have nice porridge, after that our mouth never stop having snack before entering to the cinema we bought 2 cups of sweet corns.

#1 Me!
#2 Farm Frog Porridge
#3 Mix seafood Porridge
#4 Fried Foo Chuk
#5 I'm holding the Sweet-corn
#6 Tickets

After the movie ends, we went to the Bad Ass coffee for a midnight snack and a smoothie drink. It really taste good and it was recommended by KY. Yummy!!

#7 Mango Smoothies
#8 Big Donut
#9 Bills(Cheap)
So everything are enjoyed, we went back to our house almost 11pm. Drive and safe to our home sweet home. Cheers! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A little surprise Birthday eve

Is been a week, I didn't take my time to have a post. Since that, a mood suddenly came in so decided to have a post. If you guys out there who have follow my twitter, you guys should properly know I have won tickets from Nuffnang and P1w1max recently.

Today, I went to the p1w1amax office just to pick up the tickets. Actually, I was very moody today. Because, someone drove the promise away from me and "that" person wants to go somewhere else and dump me and another "mummy" to go celebrate my Birthday at Neway. I was very unhappy, but lunch time p1w1max(Cynthia) called me to pick my tickets up and the mood came back.

#Slash Tickets

I thought my luck was gone, but since I realize myself I had become more confident and trust myself more than ever now!! Which is why I hardly give up a lot of things , such as my current job.

Eventually, I was going to give up soon. But something really make me just forget what people trying to do to me. I think for other people maybe they can't stand such jerk job I'm having now!

Those who are working out there, I know a lot of people like me having a same problem too. But I think is just some small problem and do give yourself to relax. Myself? I give myself 0% pressure in my mind.

Cheers :)