Monday, August 9, 2010

Best Birthday celebration of the Year 2010

August 4th big day of mine - I turn 23(Man, I'm getting old now). This is really make me crazy already!! haha~ I can't believe I already survive in the earth for 23 years. Life is very short, just a moment I just felt I haven't old yet and I still have plenty of times to go travel and have fun around.

For other people, this is the time for those who already couple it might be the suitable time to get married. Me, myself? I already been broke up with my ex! So I'm no longer a couple person and remain myself single.

Well, what ever happen doesn't make myself down from my birthday celebration.

I really had my great time and enjoy myself by winning tickets for the Tekken movie (Tropicana City Mall) sponsoring from Nuffnang . Before the movie starts, Me and My colleague Ai wah went for dinner . We decided to have nice porridge, after that our mouth never stop having snack before entering to the cinema we bought 2 cups of sweet corns.

#1 Me!
#2 Farm Frog Porridge
#3 Mix seafood Porridge
#4 Fried Foo Chuk
#5 I'm holding the Sweet-corn
#6 Tickets

After the movie ends, we went to the Bad Ass coffee for a midnight snack and a smoothie drink. It really taste good and it was recommended by KY. Yummy!!

#7 Mango Smoothies
#8 Big Donut
#9 Bills(Cheap)
So everything are enjoyed, we went back to our house almost 11pm. Drive and safe to our home sweet home. Cheers! :)


ken said...

eh.. happy belated birthday! =)

♥Nicole's♥ said...

tq tq~~~