Friday, October 29, 2010

My Random Friday

Hey reader, I thought something new is happen for me to celebrate end of this month. I'm excited for tomorrow outing!! Yup~ I'm going back hometown this week, so i might going some where shopping!! (Laughing in my heart XD)

One more thing , I'm very excited to celebrates my Daddy's birthday on this coming November 15!! I haven't plan that yet, but I'll plan it this weekend because I'm too free!! haha~~ Another random thing I wanna spread it over which I got some salary increment during last month. Well, I think not bad although it is just a little amount. But I'm a person who easy to get sanctification!! XD

This is just some of my random story, so I might blog something different for this coming weekend? Can't wait till tomorrow! XD

Cheers everyone!! XD

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stressing Life

Dear readers :

I've been working almost 2 years in a same company and nothing change for this 2 years. What I'm trying to tell here is, I was very stressful during half year ago. That time, I was been taking very high task and I was very unhappy with it even it is not a difficult duty for me. Time flies fast, I'm still having the same stupid problem(Won't tell it). I'm hard to express my impression and what I feel for it now!

I don't even know where I can tell or telling someone about my stuff, there's no one I can really trust and keep secrets. Like now a days, people mostly will tell what are they feeling through "Facebook" or "Twitter". So I do write my impression everyday(Sometimes, I don't feel to write it).

Few days ago, I was facing quite a hard task! Luckily, I solve all the stuff!! Really making me nuts when during working those hard and difficult stuff. I hope I can last longer in my task because I felt like very tired after a whole day work.

I hope everyone who did read my post, pray for me and everything will be going fine and smooth. Cheers XD


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm Lost

Starting from the end of September, I'm a bit busy of my job so I have a very lousy life for this month so didn't really have enjoy anything. I'm out of topic and I don't know what to blog(I wish to travel you know!!) Haha~ But I'll try to update some of my travel last 2 months ago, because I went to Thailand! Kinda great travel because I brought a lot of stuff, but unfortunately I can't really update my pictures because I save those pictures in my Hard disk and it is surrounded by some "virus". I'm afraid to open it! Can anyone tell me how to deleted those viruses in my Hard disk? Even myself really hard to deleted it!!! :( Sad, no idea what can I do besides format the whole thing!

I'll try to think something to blog over here, probably I'll post something tomorrow.

Now 8.40pm, I'm kinda tired now so I'll continue some topic to blog for tomorrow! Cheers XD~