Friday, October 29, 2010

My Random Friday

Hey reader, I thought something new is happen for me to celebrate end of this month. I'm excited for tomorrow outing!! Yup~ I'm going back hometown this week, so i might going some where shopping!! (Laughing in my heart XD)

One more thing , I'm very excited to celebrates my Daddy's birthday on this coming November 15!! I haven't plan that yet, but I'll plan it this weekend because I'm too free!! haha~~ Another random thing I wanna spread it over which I got some salary increment during last month. Well, I think not bad although it is just a little amount. But I'm a person who easy to get sanctification!! XD

This is just some of my random story, so I might blog something different for this coming weekend? Can't wait till tomorrow! XD

Cheers everyone!! XD