Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm Lost

Starting from the end of September, I'm a bit busy of my job so I have a very lousy life for this month so didn't really have enjoy anything. I'm out of topic and I don't know what to blog(I wish to travel you know!!) Haha~ But I'll try to update some of my travel last 2 months ago, because I went to Thailand! Kinda great travel because I brought a lot of stuff, but unfortunately I can't really update my pictures because I save those pictures in my Hard disk and it is surrounded by some "virus". I'm afraid to open it! Can anyone tell me how to deleted those viruses in my Hard disk? Even myself really hard to deleted it!!! :( Sad, no idea what can I do besides format the whole thing!

I'll try to think something to blog over here, probably I'll post something tomorrow.

Now 8.40pm, I'm kinda tired now so I'll continue some topic to blog for tomorrow! Cheers XD~

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