Friday, September 28, 2012

28092012 New Stuff

Hi guys, I'm posting my new video~ Hope you guys enjoy. Recently I've got so much inspire from a lot VLogger~ :) So hope my video not that bad~~ Haha~~

Sunday, September 23, 2012

23092012 My inspire lower lashes make up

Hi all, been not updated my blog recently... Today I'm gonna share my inspire superb lower lashes make up! Hope you all enjoy!!!

First get yourself a clean face, so do wash you face before you apply for BB cream

I'm using cyber color BB cream from Sasa!

Next apply toner that bought at Sasa as well on your face to make face more soft and comfort

After applying toner, apply BB cream on your face.

This is how it looks after applying the BB cream.

If you wanna make your eyes more bigger since I don't really like putting on the colour lenses and I just put on the double eyelid.

After double eyelid on your eyes, apply the lower eye lashes as you can see on the pic.

Next, I'm gonna use elianto eyeliner pen to draw the eye so that my eyes look more bigger.

Apply upper lashes on your both eyes.

Next I'm gonna use the elianto pink Blush and apply it on my cheeks. 

Last but not least, I apply lip gloss on my lips. 

So there you have it, my nice insipire make up without applying any eye shadow.Hope you guys enjoy. See you next time. Love XoXo.