Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cash Rewarded~~

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

OH! Salary Out

Salary out!! Is time for me to save the money!! haha!! And hope to go for vacation next year!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

At home!!

So boring, raya holiday i didn't go out. Maybe later i ask my friend to bring me go the aquarium and buy some fishes haha!!!

Will be continue updating blog tonight. See ya!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


This afternoon went to movie, G-Force.. This movie is so excited to watch, and is funny with these hamsters can communicate with Humans. So incredible , if someday this kind of science could be really come true. 

I would like to talk with dogs. Hmm.. Really hope someday I would have adopt a dog, Need to save some money and adopt a dog. 

I recommend this movie ... with this symbol --> ☺

Happy Raya!!!

My Cousin Xian and Me

State Chief Minister of Negeri Sembilan and His wife

This early morning Me and my cousin went to Our State Minister house, Satay!! Yummy!!! That was the best open house satay me and my cousin ever had. Wakaka!! After that we took some picture of our state minister,Dato’ Seri Utama Haji Mohamad Haji Hasan.

We act some pose over these pictures, kinda cute(I think only) I post it over here!! Enjoy!!

Shopping!! Wakaka!!!

So happy, yesterday went to the curve bought a T- Shirt. Yea!! Long time never shopping. My colleague and I shopping till 6pm! Because last night raining heavily. But I get to buy a lot stuff, beside buying a T-Shirt from K I T C H E N , I bought some accessoriesg from Brand's Outlet Store. So cheap!! Discount 50%!! Post Some picture here!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

吓到笑Where got ghost

Last night went to the movies. This movie is too funny, Guys watch this! hahaha!! Anyway how, this few week kinda busy don't really have some free time to go shopping or movie. I hope i can go for vacation in Bali next year!

But i will updated my blog soon enough!

Hopefully i'm too busy to update my blog. Chaos~

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Up - the animated movie

Last Saturday~ Lolz`` Went for Up movie~~ Yea~ this is very touching movie .. I cried while watch this movie... Too touch~ People out there It must be watch~

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Purhh~~ G.I. Joe [ The Rise of Cobra]

Wow~~ Today [8 th August 2009] Me and my friend (mak gor) went for movies!!! Nice movie~~ Really cool!! If you guys out there haven't see that yet!! Hurry up go to the cinema and watch this movie!! he he!!!

But when the movie starts!! Really make my mood bad!! I was sitting quietly there watching the movie, suddenly some really don't know which of the culture pigs kick the back of my sit.

Damm no mood to watch suddenly, and then i really cannot stand that kicking!! And i turn back and yell at them : " Oi, Bodoh!", they suddenly never kick the sit anymore after i yell!

What kind of maniac is that!? Really piss me off when having fun watching movie... imagine that those maniac pigs, I don't blames pig because they never study in the school so i don't really treat them as human... But never mind , I just enjoy everything if those people don't screw my mood out!!

I'm not that kind of good mood... So I don't like be patient!! Wakaka!! So watch Out!!!


My lonely birthday~

Wai Wai 

Nothing to do with my birthday~ But luckily i have some friends bought some pressie for me~~ haha~~ and bring me to eat in a western restaurant  

Finally, I posted some picture over here!! Yummy food, and boss wife _ Wai Wai picture. Hehe!! She really a good friend of mine. Even she is married,but still just a like a single lady!

Midvalley [Part 2]

Bought something when i went to mid valley with my colleagues...

Picture will be upload


Friday, July 24, 2009

Midvalley here I come[part 1]

Tomorow going to midvalley~ Yea~ So nice~ Want shopping, can't wait to be shop in midvalley!!

Long time didn't go midvalley already~~

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My art~


This is what i been doing while working on artwork~

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

♥ : 5K says it's you ♥

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All you need is just to stay tune on everyday~~

Hitz Fm Frequencies :
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3.Seremban - 95.0
4.Malacca - 93.0
5.Johor Bahru/Singapore - 97.6
6.Kuantan - 93.2
7.Kuala Terengganu - 94.8
8.Alor Setar/Penang - 92.7
9.Taiping - 93.6
10.Kuching - 95.3
11.Kota Bahru - 92.8
12.Kota Kinabalu - 100.8

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

New Speckie~~ Greeny Eye

Yummy Double Western + Fries

Saturday Afternoon, Me and My colleague went to One Utama for shopping. we had lunch at Carl's Jr. So nice the western bacon. I love it. That's a huge burger since I ate it 2 months ago.. I miss that burger hehe~

Took some of picture when having fun with the burger.. Yumm Yumm.. Say cheese to the burger..

Sunday, July 19, 2009

♥Genting Highland's Trip♥

Ice cream eating-

Mango And Mint Flavour

Ridding On the Turn turn Horse
Here are some pictures we took when on the trip..

It was a fun day when me and jason went to genting. At 1st we go the outdoor theme park , Jason was very excited to get on to the roller coaster. So do I...

And Then we ride on the car racing park! After that we take a ride on a bumper cars ( it's something like a train that goes on a railway trail) Nice ride!! hehe!!

After the outdoor games, we went to the indoor amusement park!! Lots of ticket we won, but kinda waste Cuz we cant get a bigger prize just a small bear that only can be exchange from the tickets we won.

Last We went to the casino, WOW!! Kinda nice , but they still check my IC when passing trough the gates eventhough i already pass 21... and then we went for the bets table(so call big & small bets) , Jason put on RM10 to the bets table.. so excited while we won some.. but if you play all of it.. I mean all the time.. It will be lose again.. and the money just gone will u gamble this kind of gambling~ Dangerous! Beware of gambling! Don't fall too much it! Luckly, we have some money back! Although we lose quite alot..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last Sunday

Well, I get myself a new hair cut!! Not really nice I think!! Just to get a new hair cut!!
Comment This!! haha!! My Friends said that i look cute but some said I look weird!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

My colleague's birthday

Birthday Girl potong cake

Last Saturday, It was my colleague's birthday ... Happy Belated birthday to Amelia!!

Happy Always!!!

Movie - Night at the Museum 2

My Friend~



WOW!! Last Last Sunday I went to MBO cinema at seremban~ With my friend~ Yea~!!! Nice movie~~ And It was fun ~~ Those Stuff in the museum became alive!! And Is amazing how people make the movie in this kind of 3D animation.. I wanted to learn but is hard it needs time and affort to learn and make it.. Well, It just blame it on my mouth I don't know when I will be having time to learn!! LOLz
Some picture's I took when I went to the cinema!

Kai Jie's Birthday At Neway♥

Birthday Cake For My Jie

I drink this (Nice!)

My ah Jie

Last THURSDAY, I went to my kai jie's Birthday at Neway Puchong.. Nice Party over there, and we celebrate birthday at there and i bought a cake for my kai jie.. is nice and I love my Ah Jie.. He he... Even we don't contact each other well for a long time, but we still love each other.. because she is always my ah jie(big sis)... Hope we will always together eventhought we work and having a busy life now!!! Jie Jie hope we will always love and care each other.. Muacksss~~ Love You

Saturday, May 30, 2009

♥ BuSy ♥

Kinda Busy Lately.. but i will continue blogging next week... Hope to hear from you too... And I will
be back ok? Please do wait for the up coming excited news (If you guys think that's normal, Please do comment me I will try to repair the post that i post)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ With Extra Love ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Saturday, May 16, 2009

At Club House (Gym)

Yeah~~ Everyone~~ Today evening i went to a club house.. What a nice club house i went to.. Haha~~ Nice nice nice.. They have a lot of facility over there... Yuhoo~~ The changing room is nice too..

I try one of the facility that is Gym house inside the club house...

I took some picture inside the ladies changing room.. Is nice and very classy inside the room..

Friday, May 15, 2009


Today I had oat-meal as my breakfast.. I don't really like it actually.. Ha ha.. And I need to ate that because it can help us more healthier and is low cholesterol... Well, We have to take care our health.. So, guys please do take some ya!!! Ha Ha Ha

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lunch at Carl Jr,

Last Friday, me and my sis when to carl junior to take our lunch.. The Burger is nice and inside there is a big and juicy meat(beef). Wao~~ It include a big box of fries ... I just ate the fries because i need to put down some weight. Anyway, I really have to put down some weight or else i will become a big fat "GIANT"!!!! ARGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! NO - I don't want to be that~!!!!

That burger cost me quite a lot for a lunch. Is about rm22.00++ because my sis order the set of burger and including a big soft drink and the drinks over there you can refill it as much as you can.. Well, That is a very happy and great time for me and my sis...


Monday, May 4, 2009

Lee Hom's Concert in Malaysia

Pop singer, actor and now superhero? WANG LEE HOM took Asia by surprise when he appeared on stage with metallic blue hair, a (tight) leather outfit and a hot-looking dragon guitar during his concert in Taipei last year. Calling himself Music-Man, he performed all his popular hits from albums like Heroes of Earth , Change Me and Heart Beat .
If you weren’t in Taipei, fear not, as Lee H… Music-Man is planning a one-night only concert in Kuala Lumpur! To give fans a sneak peek of what’s in store, the star recently flew in for a mini showcase where he wowed fans (and us!). hot also sat down with the boyish singer who shared with us insights on his not-so-secret identity, having ten children and why he only dates older women.
Tell us more about your character, Music-Man.
I thought if I could be a superhero, then I’d be Music-Man. I created this character to give people a fresh look and sound. My weapon of choice would be a dragon guitar. I named it Bahamut as it is really cool and it gives Music-Man a nice element. And my mission would be to save the world through music.
What is it like to stage a concert in Malaysia compared to other places?
Whenever I stage a concert in Malaysia, it feels like I’m attending a concert myself. I can’t bring myself to leave the stage. It is such an unforgettable experience for me as Malaysian music lovers are so passionate about music. They always sing the loudest and know all the lyrics to every song.
Lee Hom, tell us what makes your heart beat?
Music makes my heart beat. Being alive and, most definitely, live performances. It is strange how I’ve staged so many concerts in my life, yet before each show, as I stand behind the curtain and try to keep calm, my heart just keeps beating faster and faster. So I will take ten minutes – not move, not talk – to stay calm. It’s a mysterious and wonderful experience to perform a live concert.
Is there someone special in your life that makes your heart beat faster?
I’ve been on set filming a period movie with Jackie Chan and there really weren’t many girls to be seen. The only female around was the horse! I don’t think that’s my priority now. I have 10 adopted children from Laos and we’re going to Sierra Leone to see what help we can offer.
Do you think idols like yourself and Angelina Jolie are setting examples to fans when it comes to adoption matters?
I think it is a good thing. Basically I’m lucky to be in this position where you can reach out to people and share my life’s experiences. Like you said, celebrities like Angelina Jolie is setting a good example; adoption is the way to go. I think we all should sponsor children and invest in their education.
You mentioned you’re filming a new movie. Could you tell us more about it?
It’s very action-oriented and totally different from my university student character in Lust, Caution . My character’s got quite a temper but I have a very nice costume and the artistic direction is very beautiful. For the past two months, I’ve been undergoing martial arts training in China; I’ve learnt a lot from Jackie. He started making movies when he was only six years old and he’s pioneered many amazing movies.
Do you think your looks might be too Eurasian for a period piece?
I used to think that way too but after filming this movie, I realised that I actually looked very much like an ancient Chinese. It’s set in the Qin Dynasty and I had my hair shaved so I’ve got no hairline now [pulls back his hair to show us].
You say you look like an ancient Chinese and you’ve been in the music industry for so long. Do you feel ancient?
I am ancient. I have an old soul. [Pauses] I’m going to get myself in trouble for saying this but I was going to say that I’ve never dated a girl that’s younger than me. I’ve always been more mature and I think maturity comes with travelling all around the world and living in a suitcase. It has become a lifestyle that I’ve gotten used to.
You have referred to two of your latest albums as ‘chinked out’ music. Could you tell us more?
When I was in New York, everyone thinks if you’re Asian, you’re Jackie Chan [laughs]. People don’t know the difference between a Malaysian Chinese or Vietnamese; to them, everyone looks the same! They also think that if you are Chinese, you’re automatically good in Maths! I was actually good in Maths. But it was not until I came to Asia that I was aware of the fact that Asia is much more affluent in their culture.
How is that so?
Even though we watch Hollywood movies, we also watch Korean and Japanese movies. When I was in New York, I realised that there was not one radio station that was playing Chinese songs! The first movie that crossed that barrier was Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon so I realised there’s a lack of exposure. That was the reason why the word ‘chink’ came about with my music. They [Westerners] don’t understand our culture in Asia and I plan to reinvent that word and use it to educate them.
How do you intend to use your music to educate people around the world?
One of my goals as a musician is to promote my music to people around the world. I hope they’ll listen to Chinese pop music for the first time and like it, as well as understand our way of life. As an example, I like listening to Italian opera but I don’t understand what it means. Fifty years ago, we never thought we would get an African-American president but now we have Obama and actors like Will Smith so anything’s possible, even for Chinese actors and musicians to step up their game. I want to be part of that movement to make the change.
Listen to Lee Hom’s 'Heart Beat' which is in stores now!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shopping at Times Square..

My new dress

My new slipper

Today so happy neh~~

Shopping at Times Square.. Yuhoo~~~