Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boring Holiday

Hello everyone, I had a very boring holiday and because of spending too much of money this month so I didn't go out to spend more money again!! By the way, I really ate a lot food during this holiday! Gosh, need to go jog for the next week or else I'll be fattening back again!! wakaka~~ Luckily none gaining much!! Blah~~ haha!!

Once again, I would to wish all of you a very Happy Christmas!! Cheers!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I hate him but I miss him

None related post with you!! But I was so into writing this post just only for you!! But why are you so ignoring me!! I really not in the mood to make you comfortable. Anyway I freaking miss you!!

I hate you because you don't even miss me!! I'm so moody and I really need you when I say I need you!! God, just give this chance to let me catch his weak heart? Perhaps you'll need sometime to get to know each other well?? I just want to let you know, You are totally in my heart now! I can't stop myself just to thinking about you . Sigh!! I wanna cry now!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

It continues

I don't know what to write in this post, because I felt so disappointed on someone I really appreciate and I respect the most! But why he so ignores me when I try to tell him something! I'm totally upset and even this is very true on me, I still kept myself to continue my diet program. Yes, I still remain the same weight as I try to loss more, but felt so hard now! Because I weight very struggling in between 94-95kg! I hate it, and I want to be  90kg in this month. I'm kinda stuck right now don't know what to do.

Anyway, Congratulation to him because he has lost 52kg in half year! I'm so glad for him! I hope I can did like he do. Well, I don't know why my bad habit of eat is going to be very crazy for me. When my period come, I felt like eating so much! Man, It so hard for me now! Because I just had my month pay... Damm, I gain 1kg back~ So sad~ I can't believe it... I hate it~

God, Please let my stressful body go away?? Please!! I beg u!! I hope I can last this long!! I want to be a pretty girl as I'm so admire those contestant in Biggest Loser Asia. Totally so successful!! If I can't loss that much like them, I might going for the competition! I wanna be slim slim like "Fish" . Her weight is like 61 now! Damm I'm so admire her weight now!! X(

Hope I can last this and finish till the end!! Cheer up for myself!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Blonde Hair??? Cheat one???

I think I didn't make it a real deep dye on my hair because the hair dresser told me that I need to bleach the hair till plain for 3 times, so I decided not to Blonde and just to have a long gold hair like Repunzel~~ XD Sorb Sorb~~ Funny me!! I just wondering why I'm so a bloody encourage to have a blonde gold to myself???? Nah.. Chinese New Year is coming and the nearest New Year 2011 also coming so I just give it a try and dye the whole hair of mine~~ XD 

I never try such a huge project to my hair since my hair so not that hairy and I always wanted to have hairy hairs~~ XD So jealous of those people who have so much hair... !! XD 

The 1st dye~

The Second Dye~~ XD

Steam another 10minutes.

Tada~~ Colour Done!!

Second View of the Hair~

Side view of my hair~ Nice

Put on my near Bohemia hair Band~ XD Nice???
Cheers Up everyone!! Do comment if you guys think not nice or I try to dye other colour ke~~ Haha~~ I want to be like "White lady" also~~ XD

If you like this post, Nang me!! XD

Monday, December 6, 2010

To the successful month!!

Last month, I was very excited about my diet program!! Yes, I did it.. I lost almost 7kg for last month!! Now I'm gonna aim another new target which means I want to loss another 5-6kg(If possible!).

Anyway, I don't wanna lose any chance I've been given all the way and I hope I can get more new new and sexy clothes that I always wanted to wear!!

But today, when I went to the herbal shop to buy some ingredients there's one aunty who called me "Lady boss" I'm so embarrass because I haven't married yet!! A bit heart broken as I still young just fits with a fat body!! Damm... Is been a month mostly I've been  laughed by other all the time!!

My heart really breaks like no one will knows~ Sigh!!! I really hope I can throw all the fats in my body now!!

Cheers!! XD I'll never give up!!!

Bloody ME!!

No idea at all... In this moment, I felt I'm so sad !! Could anyone just tell me, Why I'm so ignoring to be a normal one when people so looking down at me??? Even my family and friends they say I'll never success??? I don't wanna prove anything to them, just to believe myself I wanna be slim too! Will they just stop talking nonsense to me because I'll cry inside my heart when ever they say it!!

I wish I never be born like this, this is not I wish to!! Fat girls never be the same like the normal ones? Yes exactly for this who already set up the rules!! NO FAT GIRLS allow!! No priority to you!! You Fatty Boom Boom!! That's me I'm mentioning! Sigh!! Bloody mood and I wanna have vacation!! Please!! Just let me be normal!! I wanna work so hard to be slim!! My heart are now filling with fat's and tears who already surrounded it long time!! ARggghhhh!!

A bloody none cheerful day for me!! -End- Good night!!

OMG!! Is weekend!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ate too much of food~~~ What to do.. too many occasion !! So I have to!! Luckily my weight never gone high!! is ok!! I'll go for jog is this evening!

Cheers!! XD

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Brand new December

Is the new December now!! Just wanna have a short update! I hope I can break a new record of my diet program. Because last month I had loss almost 5kg. So proud of myself and I'll just have to keep it up!!

So happy and excited to be myself that I'll never give up until I success!! Yipee~ Cheers for me!! XD