Monday, December 6, 2010

Bloody ME!!

No idea at all... In this moment, I felt I'm so sad !! Could anyone just tell me, Why I'm so ignoring to be a normal one when people so looking down at me??? Even my family and friends they say I'll never success??? I don't wanna prove anything to them, just to believe myself I wanna be slim too! Will they just stop talking nonsense to me because I'll cry inside my heart when ever they say it!!

I wish I never be born like this, this is not I wish to!! Fat girls never be the same like the normal ones? Yes exactly for this who already set up the rules!! NO FAT GIRLS allow!! No priority to you!! You Fatty Boom Boom!! That's me I'm mentioning! Sigh!! Bloody mood and I wanna have vacation!! Please!! Just let me be normal!! I wanna work so hard to be slim!! My heart are now filling with fat's and tears who already surrounded it long time!! ARggghhhh!!

A bloody none cheerful day for me!! -End- Good night!!

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