Monday, December 6, 2010

To the successful month!!

Last month, I was very excited about my diet program!! Yes, I did it.. I lost almost 7kg for last month!! Now I'm gonna aim another new target which means I want to loss another 5-6kg(If possible!).

Anyway, I don't wanna lose any chance I've been given all the way and I hope I can get more new new and sexy clothes that I always wanted to wear!!

But today, when I went to the herbal shop to buy some ingredients there's one aunty who called me "Lady boss" I'm so embarrass because I haven't married yet!! A bit heart broken as I still young just fits with a fat body!! Damm... Is been a month mostly I've been  laughed by other all the time!!

My heart really breaks like no one will knows~ Sigh!!! I really hope I can throw all the fats in my body now!!

Cheers!! XD I'll never give up!!!

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