Sunday, June 24, 2012

24062012_Happy Father's Day

Celebrating Father's day with my dad last Sunday. Seem he is happy and I'm glad that now life is more easier. I love my dad so much for last long 24 years been living my life and his the one who take of me and my sister since my mom left us when we are still kids. Tears been treating us around as family tragedy was begun for last few years ago. We are facing so many problems till I need to earn my own saving to futher up my studies. I'm glad and I had stand for what I have right!!

Lastly I wish my dad stay young and healthy for the rest of his life!! Wish all the best to my sister too!! :) ♥♥
Love love~~ :)♥♥ KTHXBYE ♥♥

Happy Father's Day my lovely dad ♥♥

16062012_Madagacar 3

It was last 2 weeks ago, I was hanging out with CIMB gang's again!! This time we hang out for movies. We decided for Madagacar 3. Damn Nice!! You guys should watch this. After the movie, one of our member Mr Syukri bring us to his place near by The curve for Shisha( It is a kind smoke from Iraq).Having fun with CIMB gangs is the best of my life that I experience since I left previous HLB. So that's all here are so picture that we took on that day! :)

Girls ♥♥♥

Crazy CIMB gangs ♥♥♥

Girls ♥♥

CIMB gang's ♥♥♥

X-Man 4 ♥♥

At Escalator ♥♥

CIMB Gangs ♥♥♥

'Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted' Trailer HD


Friday, June 15, 2012

10062012_One Gathering

Last week on Sunday 10 June 2012, me and my cousin went to this restaurant at Uptown Seremban 2 so called "One Gathering". This restaurant is new and it was my first visit. The environment of this restaurant is nice and the food they serve is definitely delicious! I'm loving it so much.. I will visit them next time. So it was simple delight dishes they serve and we order the butter sauce chicken, fried vegetable and also claypot taufu. Here are some picture's that I took that day. KTHXBYE!! 


Fried vegetable, Butter sauce chicken, Claypot Taufu

P/S : Address - 216, Ground Floor , Jalan 52 B10, Uptown Avenue Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban

Sunday, June 10, 2012

10062012_Shabu Zen

It was end of the week for those who are student that having holidays lately. For me is just another enjoyable moment with family. This weekend I went back to my hometown which located at Negeri Sembilan, Seremban. This week was planning to gather with Dad due to Father's Day was coming soon. So, at last we decided not to celebrate and delay it to next week because my dad had a lot of wedding functions to be attend.

Sis, Cousin Sis and I were decided to get our self nice food. Out of sudden, cousin sister told that there is new place for steamboat near by seremban 2. So we decided to drop and get our self dinner. Holy crap, the place was looking nice and the food was just not choices as I was thinking. The place it calls "SHABU-ZEN" where is located in Uptown, Seremban 2. Charges is cost RM28.90 per person( I was thinking now a days , seremban people like to compares and make the price same as KL price) Holy sh*t!!!! WTF, damm expensive and is was not worth it with what they serve not much variety of the steamboats ingredients. Well, is ok since my sis and cousin sis doesn't matter anything all they needs is food. So, we take almost 3 hours over there just to spend the Buffet Steamboat. End of the night, after finish the food when we get back home lately me and my sis suddenly started with stomach pain. Well, it was the clean as we thought in the 1st place. Damm it!!!! I swear I won't ever go to that place anymore. Anyway not a good recognition place at all.. Do think about my advise, don't ever go there because the food is not clean at all.. Yuckss~~~!!! That's all for the moment. KTHXBYE!!!

P/S : Some picture we took above here just show nothing to us. Haha~~ And there waiters not friendly at all when we requested some ingredients. Sucks!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Dear all, last week I've visit thailand and I'm here to write this post whereby how enjoy the life at Thailand for 3 days 2 nights.

The day started on 31st May 2012 , journey started the time on 10.00pm we move around that hour and after for 9 hours for the bus journey. We've arrive at Malaysia Customs at 6.45am. What an early morning, and we did not sleep for the past 9 hours. It was a long que when going thru the way for the customs. After passing for the customs, we stop buy at the duty free shop for the cigars, alcohols and chocolates etc.
Thailand morning view
Next we continue the journey with an hour drive to south city of Thailand , Hat Yai. It has a population of 157,359 (2008) in the city itself and about 800,000 in the greater Hat Yai area. Hat Yai is the largest city of Songkhla Province, the largest metropolitan area in Southern, and third largest metropolitan area of the country. (copy from This is the place that we are going to spend the holiday for 3 days 2 nights. After arriving to city of Hat Yai, we are stop to get our breakfast which is famous for Chicken rice and also Pork. It was delicious anyway. Yummy indeed.!! After breakfast, we move to the place where we most like shopping for Hat Yai local junk foods like Seaweed, Kidney beans, Walnuts, Etc. My dad love so much Kidney beans and we bought 2 packs it cost us 370 baht (RM37.00). 

Next stop whereby we stop at the for Bags, wind oil, shoes, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Well this is the place that you been offer for 20% when you purchase for bags, necklaces, and also bracelets only. I did bought myself a bracelets and my B bought a bag which made by the lamb skins. 

12.00pm of the day, it time for lunch. We were stopping by at the Thailand + Chinese restaurant where they served Thai+Chinese cuisines. It was delicious! I forgot to took the pic as well. But anyway, is totally an awesome meal of the day. Meanwhile at the restaurant, when we finish lunch there is some outside selling those they called it "Chiang Mai-Beans" and it taste almost like kidney beans. We did bought some too and it cost 200 baht(RM20.00) and it was just small packets. 

Not longer lunch were finish, it is time to check-in to the hotel. At 1st of the hotel, it quite disappointed as the Hotel looks a bit creepy. But what ever it is, we have pay for the whole trip + with accommodation. Bottom I've a picture for the hotel looks like.  
Hotel room
Time to rest a while, after resting a while. No longer is dinner time and we are free out to get the refreshment for our self and I have a Wantan-mee at our near by hotel.

After that, we have book to go up to the steel temple where is at Top of the hill. It was nice temple and we went there for prayers. Bottom are some picture I took using my camera.
Steel Temple
Inside steel temple

After the steel temple, we went back down to city of Hat yai and continue shopping at Odean Mall where it is very famous shopping with a lot of stuff and groceries. When comes to shopping, I bought a lot of things too. Next we walk by to 7-11 for groceries too. Yipee... Loving 7-11 so much as there were so much too see and buy. Finally, walking it makes everyone leg pain too. So we decided to stop by a foot massage shop and have massage for the leg and cost only 200 baht (RM20.00) so cheap!! My B doesn't like the massage at all and make him cry. Haha~~

Foot massaging 

The night is still young, My B decided to go for Tattoo. It was cheap for the tattoo, making me felt like i'm going to get one too. But it was scary and pain for it. So I did not make it and My B did.

It was late on the day, we head back to Hotel and get our self a good sleep.

1 June 2012
Early in the morning, we have wake up and get out for breakfast. We have dim sum it was so cheap and cost only 10 baht(RM1.00) for 1 dim sum. Freaking cheap.
After breakfast, we moving forward to Morning market where we need to take the "Du Du" Car that similar with Taxi. Taxi fares cost around 1 person for 20 baht (RM2.00).

Morning Market
Next of the day, we went to the dragon fountain where is near by at Songkla. Nice view for the fountain. :)

Dragon Fountain
Later on, we travel to the beach that they called it Samila Beach which is Mermaid located over there. There is legend they said that when you touches the Mermaid statue it will bring fortune and luck for yourself. The beach is hot and windy on that day.

Samila Beach Mermaid
After that, we gone to the famous floating market at Hat Yai. All we wanted to buy is the bugs. Yummy!!
Floating Market (Entrance)


Makan Bug
Last stop of the day, we went to Ice Dome Hat Yai. It was a sunny and hot day on the day, so the trip has been set up for this Ice Dome. We went in there that cost around 300 baht (RM30.00) per person. Nice ice view inside the Dome.

Night we went for buffet at Lee Garden Plaza 33rd Floor. It cost around 99 baht (RM9.90) per person. Nice and cheap!! Yummy!!

Night view from Lee Garden Plaza
Last night of the day, its time to shopping. I bought quite a lot of things include pants and also toy from Night Market. :) Enjoyable day and also Love the trip so much!! We spend quite a lot of money!! Hooray!! Must keep wise for next trip!! :)

So that's all for tonight!! KTHXBYE!!