Sunday, June 10, 2012

10062012_Shabu Zen

It was end of the week for those who are student that having holidays lately. For me is just another enjoyable moment with family. This weekend I went back to my hometown which located at Negeri Sembilan, Seremban. This week was planning to gather with Dad due to Father's Day was coming soon. So, at last we decided not to celebrate and delay it to next week because my dad had a lot of wedding functions to be attend.

Sis, Cousin Sis and I were decided to get our self nice food. Out of sudden, cousin sister told that there is new place for steamboat near by seremban 2. So we decided to drop and get our self dinner. Holy crap, the place was looking nice and the food was just not choices as I was thinking. The place it calls "SHABU-ZEN" where is located in Uptown, Seremban 2. Charges is cost RM28.90 per person( I was thinking now a days , seremban people like to compares and make the price same as KL price) Holy sh*t!!!! WTF, damm expensive and is was not worth it with what they serve not much variety of the steamboats ingredients. Well, is ok since my sis and cousin sis doesn't matter anything all they needs is food. So, we take almost 3 hours over there just to spend the Buffet Steamboat. End of the night, after finish the food when we get back home lately me and my sis suddenly started with stomach pain. Well, it was the clean as we thought in the 1st place. Damm it!!!! I swear I won't ever go to that place anymore. Anyway not a good recognition place at all.. Do think about my advise, don't ever go there because the food is not clean at all.. Yuckss~~~!!! That's all for the moment. KTHXBYE!!!

P/S : Some picture we took above here just show nothing to us. Haha~~ And there waiters not friendly at all when we requested some ingredients. Sucks!!!


Xue Ren said...

nom nom nom!! :D

Hilda Milda™ said...

Hey, long time no see! :D I love shabu shabu nomssssss

♥Nicole's♥ said...

Thanks Hilda~ :) U too~~