Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Last Saturday,it was so happy to go out with my CIMB gangs + gangs of their friends!! Superb~~ We've done a lot of shopping on that day!! Yipee~~ It was so happy that day!! Haha~~ First time hanging out with my malay friends since I was working in the bank!! :) So here are some picture that took on the day!!

The gangs - Left : Qie qie, Farah , Azza♥♥
After a while for the spree, we decided to go for karaoke on that day!! Farah was the best singer among us. She's rock!! Here you are the rock star singing above. Hehehe~~ It was so cheap per person, just cost RM16.00 for each person. Must visit guys at the Sungei Wang , WOW BOX which located the 6th floor.

Karaoke with gang♥♥
Lastly but least the picture of my spree that bought on that day!! I spend quite a lot on that day!! But what ever, as long as I like! Creepy!!!♥♥
My Spree!!♥♥
Hope you guys enjoy my pictures of my post!! Yipee~ ♥♥

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The 1st Langkawi Trip with Him♥♥

On the 14th May 2012, it is the day that we are going to travel for the 1st time since ever we meet..... The journey begins with wonderful night flight to Langkawi. Well, ever since I've been long lost not blog for the past few months(I guess, don't when already!! Well, What ever??).

Day 1 (14th May 2012).
Before boarding, someone is reading English Newspaper??? Erhmm.. That's him, well... What ever~~

Unfortunately, our flight was delay and we waited for the past 1 hour I guess??? BTW, is ok~ We did get boarding is it?? Haha~~~Well, on the flight we order a small cup of Milo that cost us RM5.00??? OMG... That's so cheap (Never buy again ishh.. Too Expensive anyway).
After an hour flight, finally we arrive!! The 1st arrive, what should we do next??? Of course we need a car right?? Well, there is a lot of car rental over the airport in Langkawi. Then so many offer was been attract us stop by asking the price. Finally, we ask the cheapest car rental and with a new model of the car, which is the "HONDA JAZZ". So proud~~ Yipeee~~♥♥♥♥

It was not end of the day, when we 1st arrive at the Hotel in Pantai Cenang, Langkawi. It was not what I expected earlier and it ruin some of the mood. I booked earlier over the phone and saw the website show not bad which pictures, but really disappointed when the first sight. It really sucks, I won't ever go to the hotel. Hahaha~~

After a while with some discussion with the gang of the trip, we decided to move over to another place and we've found a place so called "THE CABIN" in Pantai Cenang, Langkawi. This place is awesome, really so damm nice!! Must come back again. Haha~~

Is almost 2.00am in the midnight, we decided to rest at the place I've booked and take good rest and move out next day.

Day 2 (15th of May 2012)
Sunshine rinse, it's time to wake up!! Early in the morning around 8.00 am, when finish packing and shower and everything we took our stuff all gone up to the car to move out. After that, we took our breakfast at the so called " BREAKFAST BAR" at Pantai Cenang, Langkawi. It is really damm nice and it cost around RM10.00 a set of breakfast with name "LANGKAWI BREAKFAST"
Langkawi Breakfast♥♥♥
Yes, is time to check-in to the new hotel. Around 11.00am, we arrive at hotel whereby is just near by around us. We took all our luggage out from the car and move in. It is really nice, that what I expected so far. Even though it is a little high price, but is worth it!!!! The price for 1 night cost us RM150.00.

When resting a while at hotel, we decided to go Island Hopping which is a "MUST DO" in Langkawi Island. For this trip, it cost us around RM25.00 per person. Worth it!!!!♥♥♥ It was almost 4 hours in those 3 islands. Around 5.30pm in the everning, we decided to go out to the town and get us some dinner!!!

Kuah Town, Langkawi is main center of the Island. A lot of duty free shop around the area. But the main thing we gone to the town is to get us some FOOD.. Yes, we found food!! Is Seafood my all time favorite. It was delicious. Creepy nice on crispy fish!! Meanwhile , after finishing dinner we decided to walk around the town at those duty free shops. WOW... Chocolates, Alcohols, etc. !! Yummy~~ Shopping time!!!! Damm cheap la.. We bought some of it and bring back to hotel to celebrate!!

Day 3 (16th May 2012)

It almost end of the trip, so the next plan is to go "CABEL CAR" in Langkawi which also a ":MUST GO" place. It was a bad news for us, when we went over the place it was close and it is because of the maintenance up the hill. So bad!! But is ok, we decided to go another which is located at Jetty in Kuah Town. We went to DATARAN HELANG.
The place is awesome to took picture and look at scenery.
Since is a last day for us, we continue to go shopping!! OMG... bought a lot of alcohols... and also chocolates.... It was so fun for the day even the place that must go not open. We'll come back again next year.

Day 4 (17th May 2012)
Last day, early in the morning we must arrive to the airport already and is time to say good bye to Langkawi Island.Arrive at airport, after check in and print out the tickets. Is time to boarding!! OMG.... F*** our luggage overweight, must pay for the overweight and put in the kargo!! It cost around RM40.00, not worth it!! So bad... Anyway... We had a nice trip all... Next year, we'll come again!! See ya!! Langkawi!!

Last but not least, photos!!
Our car Honda Jazz♥♥


That's all for the trip news!! and do share and "Like" my post!! KTXBYE~~

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Blog Starting!!!

I'm starting to update my long lost blog!! Yipee~~ I'm going to blog about my langkawi trip soon!!! And I'm gonna travel to Hat Yai this coming June!! Hooray!! I love my job right now as I've change my job!! Yipee~~