Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Last Saturday,it was so happy to go out with my CIMB gangs + gangs of their friends!! Superb~~ We've done a lot of shopping on that day!! Yipee~~ It was so happy that day!! Haha~~ First time hanging out with my malay friends since I was working in the bank!! :) So here are some picture that took on the day!!

The gangs - Left : Qie qie, Farah , Azza♥♥
After a while for the spree, we decided to go for karaoke on that day!! Farah was the best singer among us. She's rock!! Here you are the rock star singing above. Hehehe~~ It was so cheap per person, just cost RM16.00 for each person. Must visit guys at the Sungei Wang , WOW BOX which located the 6th floor.

Karaoke with gang♥♥
Lastly but least the picture of my spree that bought on that day!! I spend quite a lot on that day!! But what ever, as long as I like! Creepy!!!♥♥
My Spree!!♥♥
Hope you guys enjoy my pictures of my post!! Yipee~ ♥♥

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