Friday, December 17, 2010

It continues

I don't know what to write in this post, because I felt so disappointed on someone I really appreciate and I respect the most! But why he so ignores me when I try to tell him something! I'm totally upset and even this is very true on me, I still kept myself to continue my diet program. Yes, I still remain the same weight as I try to loss more, but felt so hard now! Because I weight very struggling in between 94-95kg! I hate it, and I want to be  90kg in this month. I'm kinda stuck right now don't know what to do.

Anyway, Congratulation to him because he has lost 52kg in half year! I'm so glad for him! I hope I can did like he do. Well, I don't know why my bad habit of eat is going to be very crazy for me. When my period come, I felt like eating so much! Man, It so hard for me now! Because I just had my month pay... Damm, I gain 1kg back~ So sad~ I can't believe it... I hate it~

God, Please let my stressful body go away?? Please!! I beg u!! I hope I can last this long!! I want to be a pretty girl as I'm so admire those contestant in Biggest Loser Asia. Totally so successful!! If I can't loss that much like them, I might going for the competition! I wanna be slim slim like "Fish" . Her weight is like 61 now! Damm I'm so admire her weight now!! X(

Hope I can last this and finish till the end!! Cheer up for myself!!

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