Sunday, July 19, 2009

♥Genting Highland's Trip♥

Ice cream eating-

Mango And Mint Flavour

Ridding On the Turn turn Horse
Here are some pictures we took when on the trip..

It was a fun day when me and jason went to genting. At 1st we go the outdoor theme park , Jason was very excited to get on to the roller coaster. So do I...

And Then we ride on the car racing park! After that we take a ride on a bumper cars ( it's something like a train that goes on a railway trail) Nice ride!! hehe!!

After the outdoor games, we went to the indoor amusement park!! Lots of ticket we won, but kinda waste Cuz we cant get a bigger prize just a small bear that only can be exchange from the tickets we won.

Last We went to the casino, WOW!! Kinda nice , but they still check my IC when passing trough the gates eventhough i already pass 21... and then we went for the bets table(so call big & small bets) , Jason put on RM10 to the bets table.. so excited while we won some.. but if you play all of it.. I mean all the time.. It will be lose again.. and the money just gone will u gamble this kind of gambling~ Dangerous! Beware of gambling! Don't fall too much it! Luckly, we have some money back! Although we lose quite alot..

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