Sunday, August 9, 2009

Purhh~~ G.I. Joe [ The Rise of Cobra]

Wow~~ Today [8 th August 2009] Me and my friend (mak gor) went for movies!!! Nice movie~~ Really cool!! If you guys out there haven't see that yet!! Hurry up go to the cinema and watch this movie!! he he!!!

But when the movie starts!! Really make my mood bad!! I was sitting quietly there watching the movie, suddenly some really don't know which of the culture pigs kick the back of my sit.

Damm no mood to watch suddenly, and then i really cannot stand that kicking!! And i turn back and yell at them : " Oi, Bodoh!", they suddenly never kick the sit anymore after i yell!

What kind of maniac is that!? Really piss me off when having fun watching movie... imagine that those maniac pigs, I don't blames pig because they never study in the school so i don't really treat them as human... But never mind , I just enjoy everything if those people don't screw my mood out!!

I'm not that kind of good mood... So I don't like be patient!! Wakaka!! So watch Out!!!


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