Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stressing Life

Dear readers :

I've been working almost 2 years in a same company and nothing change for this 2 years. What I'm trying to tell here is, I was very stressful during half year ago. That time, I was been taking very high task and I was very unhappy with it even it is not a difficult duty for me. Time flies fast, I'm still having the same stupid problem(Won't tell it). I'm hard to express my impression and what I feel for it now!

I don't even know where I can tell or telling someone about my stuff, there's no one I can really trust and keep secrets. Like now a days, people mostly will tell what are they feeling through "Facebook" or "Twitter". So I do write my impression everyday(Sometimes, I don't feel to write it).

Few days ago, I was facing quite a hard task! Luckily, I solve all the stuff!! Really making me nuts when during working those hard and difficult stuff. I hope I can last longer in my task because I felt like very tired after a whole day work.

I hope everyone who did read my post, pray for me and everything will be going fine and smooth. Cheers XD


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