Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A little surprise Birthday eve

Is been a week, I didn't take my time to have a post. Since that, a mood suddenly came in so decided to have a post. If you guys out there who have follow my twitter, you guys should properly know I have won tickets from Nuffnang and P1w1max recently.

Today, I went to the p1w1amax office just to pick up the tickets. Actually, I was very moody today. Because, someone drove the promise away from me and "that" person wants to go somewhere else and dump me and another "mummy" to go celebrate my Birthday at Neway. I was very unhappy, but lunch time p1w1max(Cynthia) called me to pick my tickets up and the mood came back.

#Slash Tickets

I thought my luck was gone, but since I realize myself I had become more confident and trust myself more than ever now!! Which is why I hardly give up a lot of things , such as my current job.

Eventually, I was going to give up soon. But something really make me just forget what people trying to do to me. I think for other people maybe they can't stand such jerk job I'm having now!

Those who are working out there, I know a lot of people like me having a same problem too. But I think is just some small problem and do give yourself to relax. Myself? I give myself 0% pressure in my mind.

Cheers :)

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