Thursday, July 29, 2010

A tragic Fight at Aman Puri, Kepong

Yesterday, I saw a tragic fight near a coffee shop at Aman Puri, Kepong. It was really something hidden from this story. I was having my lunch with my colleagues in Coffee shop. Suddenly, I heard someone yelling. It was an Indian guy yelling in side the coffee shop. I heard he was angry by the time he yelling. Suddenly, there is a uncle came and bring a big steel hit that guy. This is really tragic, so many people was watching that moment. I can't stand it anymore, I wanted to run back to the office, but my colleagues yet they still don't want to move and continue enjoy the show. I was very frighten and I don't dare to stand near by. That man was crazy, and so many people asking and wondering what's happen with that man who disturb people who having lunch there.

After 5 minutes, the police came. The Indian man ran away and the police chase him back and the story I don't know because I ran off also. Haha..

#This is some dialogue I heard before the fight starts.

On the way back, my colleagues and I were discussing why the indian man was hit by that uncle? I didn't force myself to answer because I'm not that kind of "Kei-Poh" / Big Mouth / Gab person, so I just quite hear my colleagues story.

I can't just imagine, that this was my first time saw tragic at K.L since I been here for 2 years. I think now a days, people are really dangerous and I really scare to go out sometimes.

One last advice, don't go out alone it would be much safer to go with a guy or bunch of girls(3-4) is better than you go out alone.

Cheers :)

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saya_arief said...

just be careful all the time.