Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back to my college life

I was wondering what can I post for today! Erhmm.. So there is something I would like share the moment in my past back in 2008. That time I was ready to be graduated and finally can go for a new life. This is just nothing special about of me, I just recall back my days in Terengganu was given a patient of living and surviving there. Because I was not that good in Malay language and also my English was terrible and hard for me to speak it loud. Most of those students are Malays and only 10% of Chinese who can able to survive for the past 3 years and study over there.

Why I choose there? No reason for that, I just want to go study even the government put in the cage, I don't mind at all. All I want is a chance to go further studies! It was my last chance to go, because back in my SPM I was very stuck on my result(very bad for me I can't even get a credit for my Bahasa Melayu). This is very shameful to myself. When my relatives heard that I have a bad result for that, they don't visit anymore.

That time, I was very regret for being such an annoying person who neglect my studies and I was very very upset. By time flies, I had success to graduated from that lonely college of mine. Well, I got a not bad result.

Oh yes, this year I went back to my college and I just wanted to attend my friends Convocation. So I make it and we have lots of fun there. I really missed them a lot since we are so far from each other. I already post some of my picture's at my past post, you can just click here to have a look. I really want to meet them again, some of them invites me to genting and some invite me to Malacca but I can't meet them because I stuck with my work. Sigh! I hope I can go with them when I'm free. Dearies, do wait me ya!! :)

So this is it. That's all for the post today. I had just share a past of mind, I hope you guys do read it. Cheers :)


ken said...

i miss my uni life =)

Lukey Cher Hong said...

my uni life also quite fun now... hmm

Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

♥Nicole's♥ said...

Good la~ I hope to back from the past. But everything is over! So I think we should appreciate it before it ends~ :)