Sunday, July 4, 2010

Random Sunday

Gosh, I am way far from the outing this few weeks! Because I have no time and no mood to out!! Really piss me off when comes to work!! Sigh!! But anyway, today was a lovely sunday for me! I went out my dearest friend in the noon and the evening. Took some pictures randomly before I hang out with them!!

After that, we went to City Park near by Seremban 2 :)

#3 father and daughther

#4 the family
#5 my dear friend n me camwhoring
#6 self camwhoring :)

One last thing, I would like to wish a special dear boy of mine and early wish from me "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". I very enjoy the lunch today, and I really had a great time with him and I feel so sorry because I haven't give him any present yet, But I'll give it to him when I come back, ok?? I promise!! Peace "V" Cheers up my dear boy!! :)

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