Friday, July 23, 2010

Tekken is in the Cinema!

Wohoo~ Nuffnang is giving all nuffnangers(glittery dudes) a chances to win tickets for the Tekken movie. Yes, a chance for me that I've been lost contact with those contest at Nuffnang. I really miss out all the prizes and chances!!

A very simply question they have give us to answer and let's us comment on the permanent link on the nuffnang blog post.

Q : Tekken character you like the most?

A : Marshall Law

This character really reminds me when I having the 1st Play Station 1 which I use to play this video and I always choose this Character "Marshall Law". Another that reminds me it was my uncle who already pass away. I miss so much because he use to have fun with me with the Play station 1. In my memory, we use to play Tekken and I'll be sure choosing Marshall Law and my uncle he will choose Yoshimitsu the evil ninja. I love this Marshall Law power who can let me win on the game even Yoshimitsu has a ninja sword but Marshall Law yet can use his power to defeat that Evil Ninja Yoshimitsu. Marshall Law was very similiar with Bruce Lee. The style and every moment in the game was very look a like. This is why I love Marshall Law, I love Bruce Lee as well. *Doink*

Instead of playing the game, now they turn the game into movie. This is kinda exicted, I really want to watch it.

Anyway, Only short story I can tell over here but the day screening it is my birthday after all. I hope I can win a pair of tickets and let me recall myself the days with my uncle.

Cheers :)


ken said...

all games are coming alive! =D

Anonymous said...

they took the idea from comic books when they made comic books into movies :)

♥Nicole's♥ said...

really, but me I just go for the games only when I 1st met Tekken! :)

Nick Chang journal said...

oi, uncle already pass away about 10 years to go with u??