Saturday, May 8, 2010

♥Dungun Trip + Dearies Big Day♥

OMG, Can't believe I'm going back to that stupid old junk place so called 'Dungun' that located at the east coast Malaysia , Terengganu. Well, the motive that I'm going back there is attend my dearies juniors convocation. I'm happy for them, because all passes exams and practicals for 3 years over there. Neither for me, I've been passing trough this last year too.

Really glad for them, and I'm really proud for them as a 'Senior' here! Ha! Is been passing 1 year after the last I meet them at Dungun, and now we back again this year. HUG & KISSES for them!!

We are planning to go for a trip end of this year. So, from now on I have to save more money. Haha!! Well, we are planning to go Singapore. But any suggestion is better than Singapore? I'm not sure yet, but for sure we going on a trip!! I'm starting to misses them!! Muacks~~ Wonder how we going to enjoy when we meet back!!??? Sort of excited now!! Hope to meet them back again as soon as possible....

Here are some pictures we took when their big day + convocation
Huan Zhang + Me + bowling + Thing Zhang
Su thin + Me
Sweet Couple
Leng Zai promoting UITM Hotel

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