Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Curve & Sunway

Well... My sister came to my place last Friday. So we decided to go the curve to have our dinner and have a little walk over.

We don't know what to eat when we reaches there, and we decided to go 'KIM GARY' to have dinner. OMG~~ We went a pirate ship, Darn.. the food over there 'SUCKS' .... and also the place are over crowded and we have to sit very close to other peoples. Not only that, the place is very narrow I can't even walk through smoothly.

I advice you people out there, please think before you enter this narrow place!!!!

The next day, Saturday - both of us decided to go Sunway as we already discuss last night. So we went there, and we have brunch over there at Sushi Zenmai. The food over there , Yum.. Yum... So nice and we order a lot too...

After brunch, my sis and I go for a walk and came in the KITCHEN. She bought a dress and I bought nothing.. Haha!! After that, we came into the BONITA for accessories and I bought a hair band..

About 5pm , we go straight back to our home!!

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