Wednesday, May 12, 2010

♥I met Cheesie♥

I'm so happy today! Because I saw Cheesie at Desa Park City!! Yahoo... I can't believe I saw her and took picture with her in real!! She so pretty!! I'm so glad to meet her. As I mention her the whole day today!! This is the 1st time I met a famous blogger when I just take a jog at Desa Park City Kepong. I'm so excited after meeting her, when she asked me to drop her a comment with a my blog link in her blog! She is so friendly, I hope to meet her again if possible!! :)
Come and support Cheesie !!!I hope to see on the next friday at Midvalley Centre Court! :)

Anyway, Nice to meet you!! :)

Im so sorry for the camera man MR KY~~ I din recognise u!! Because U look so familiar!! Haha!! Nice Meeting you too!!

P/S: Please forgive me Mr.KY as I'm so blur by that time!!!!!


kenwooi said...

cool.. i've never met any famous blogger before.. =)

♥Nicole's♥ said...

you can too if coming for this coming event at midvalley!!!

jfook said...

I only saw KennySia before cos I went to hi gym. hahaha.