Monday, May 17, 2010

War Starts & It never ends (B*tch)

Today, really damm piss off already!! Why got such a b*tch in my damm jerk place? She's the rudeness b*tch ever!! Stupid arse whole!!! Just a small misunderstand all because of my stupid attitude. Err... Ok, I damm so sorry for b*tch! She's still a gassy person!! Maybe she already long time never had a good "F", and she need to get one from anyone(i think!!). This ugly b*tch thinking she's the pretties ever!! But for me, I treat b*tch as friend b*tch treat me like an useless rubbish.

Oh god, please let me to pray 'B*tch "F" off'!! I'm damm piss off!!!

Why? Why? Why? and Why? Please do leave me alone!! I don't make you piss old b*tch!! Why can't you just leave me alone? I have nothing to with you!! Your just gassy with no reason!! I already be patient a lot to myself that I have control my temper so much!! I really hope b*tch get lost 1 day!! Please!!

I'm praying!! :(~~~~ ish!!!!~~~~ B*tch get lost!!!


kenwooi said...

sometimes we meet people like that, unfortunately.. =/

♥Nicole's♥ said...

ya.. thanks for supporting me!!:) I really Hate that b*tch!!

v!vi@n said...

chill, just ignore ppl like this...they dont deserve ur attention....^^

Zenghoong said...

I know how it feels. Ranting on ur blog really does help right? :) I went through this too. But it was for my sister. :)

j_fish said...

nope, hoping that she gets lost is not a good way coz there are always new bitches that you'll meet along the way.

juz try to learn to ignore them. XD

♥Nicole's♥ said...

Well.. Thanks for dropping by!! But This is just for my releasing tension!!