Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Adidas Ole KO road show Midvalley

21 May 2010(Friday) - Really damm excited on that day! :) so happy!! I went there with my colleague Ai Wah. We so damm lucky, because we get there on time. hehe~~ So glad we make it over there, I already promise myself to there! :)

Before we waited the match start, we go for the "Yo! Sushi" at the Garden's. Yummy food, we spend just rm48.30 only! So cheap and nice!! :) It located at the ground floor and it just beside the "New Zealand" Ice cream. After that, we went for watson and I bought a maybelline mascara. :) *Happy*.

One thing lastly, my sis didn't shown up that day. We get there on time, we saw Niki Cheong at first. He was surrounded bunch of girls, i'm scared to approach him when I wanted to snap photo with him! But anyway, we saw Kimberlycun , Shaolintiger , Ninie Ahmad , Cheesie , KY , Niki Cheong and few people from season one project alpha.

Who win the futsal one on one game? Yes, is KY! Congratulation to him!! :) Yes, a promise from KY, we took a picture when he finish his games! :)

Bottom : here some pictures we took at Midvalley. :)

Fried Sweet Potato.

Unagi Don * Recommended
Baby Octopus *Delicious*
Cool Green Tea
This miso soup can refill!
Mixed Mushrooms *Recommended + Delicious*
Ai wah
Me *wink*
Small futsal court :)
KY and Me *Happy* Thanks for the promise! :)
Lastly the "together" Picture

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