Monday, May 17, 2010

Who Will Win the World Cup?

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Oh Ya... Who will win the world Cup? I hope Italy can be the one!! The few year pass were the team who gets the world cup! This is so cool, If I have a chance to go South Africa to watch the final match it would be great! I'm not from a rich family, so I know I have to behave myself!! *Sad* I believe saving money can able to go outstation one day!! I'm saving money to go bali next year , if can I hope I can save rm5000!! :) My dearest junior will go with me to bali!! :)

Well, soccer is not my favorite sport but sometimes I will watch some!! :) Sometimes think about guys who play soccer are more man and style than the other guys!! But, my dream guy? erhmm... I hope the is "Ang Mo". Because I love "Ang Mo" Style , that's all! haha!!!
And one more thing, I hope I can get this instant cash blogging stuff, Please do pray for me ya!! hehe~~~~~

I think most of the people will choose Italy(I guess)!!

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