Saturday, May 1, 2010

Road Trip with My Broadband

Oh yes, this is the 1st time I serve nuffnang and the 1st time I join the Project Alpha, and also the 1st time to wrote this post for the contest! Blah~ I'm still new, but I will try my best to join this blogging post!

Well, you guys want to know more about the P1W1max! Yes, is right here that I'm gonna talk about! This new gadget that been selling since last year when I 1st saw in the PIKOM PC Fair 2009, been through a lot of changes from a big modem change into a small broadband W1GGY that easy for us to bring where ever we travel along.

This simple W1GGY now is selling cheaper and it comes into 2 packages :
A.) Postpaid
B.) Prepaid
More term's and condition read more at p1w1max

If you people out there already been try this, please do tell me at my chat box there because I might have one this. I was wondering long time ago to have a p1w1max , because I can't wait to have one!

Guys watch this live from blogger to tell their story in Project Alpha

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