Friday, May 28, 2010

Mister Potato + Nuffnang : Prince of Persia

So glad I make it to this lucky ticket, because I got it from Nuffnang sponsoring by Mister Potato. I get there on time, and then my colleague and I decided to go dinner 1st before going to get our tickets! :) We went to Bambu desa which is a Indonesian restaurant that located just beside Sakae Sushi @The street, Curve. The food was delicious and we have a great time over the food and the services at the restaurant. Both of us spent about RM63.40 divide by 2 which means 1 person pay RM31.70 for this dinner!! This is worth for it!!
Ayam Panggang *Recommended + Delicious*
Taufoo + Fried Squid *Delicious*

After we have our self full enough, we start our walk from the restaurant to the lobby of Cathay Cineleisure. Takes about 10minutes walk, and then suddenly we saw the line was long so I rush to go Que-up for the long line!! After 30min, I got my tickets! Ta-da... I have tickets and they also gave me the Mister Potato Crispy Cripe. Wow! I was so surprise to get the chips as I never know this!! :) *Happy* . The movie starts at 9.30pm , so we decided to get some picture before enter the cinema. Haha~~ There's a lot of people taking pictures too, while I'm trying to have picture for my own-self. Time's up , after entering the room there also a bottle of mineral water that at sitting place, this is great!! We have Mister Potato Crispy Cripe + Mineral Water, This is call *Awesome*!! :)

Long Que!
After the long Que I get to registration counter!!
Finally Gets my tickets!!
So happy!!
Get two deck of Mister Potato Rice Crispy(original favor & BBQ favor)

Besides that, I saw Timothy Tiah - founder of Nuffnang and KY ( this is my 3rd time I saw him, is a faith isn't?) they were there too!! So happy!! Really love to share with you all here!! What can I saw, I'm damm happy blogger right now!! *Cheers*!

After this movie session, this movie is good!! *Big Claps*. In my heart , thanks Nuffnang and Mister Potato for the tickets!!
This is the good way to have my review here, as I already try the original one and the BBQ favor. This is delicious, that I already been tell this is good for my diet program which is less 20%
fat inside the rice crisps and trying this new mister potato rice crisps is worth to try as you guys out there haven't try it!! I hope this is not a short way having my review and opinion in Mister Potato Rice Crisps. If you people out there that haven't try this yet, go to your nearest super market and get 1 to yourself!! One last thing, Mister Potato Rice Crisps won't lose than the Pringles taste!! As people always saying once you try than everyday you want a deck of Mister Potato Rice Crisps (Any favor).


ohmywtf said...

haha..u didnt take picture with KY meh? :-)

Jack Ng said...

haha ... nice movie :D

♥Nicole's♥ said...

aiyoo~~ just saw him!! Never take photo lo!! :(

Aidi-Safuan said...

nice review! good luck! :)

hariaie™ said...

WAH... ENJOY AR.....
amoi...u GILA KENTANG AR.......!!!!

♥Nicole's♥ said...

I'm not gila~~ :(