Monday, August 16, 2010

The Expendable Speacial Screening

Yes.. I did won myself again a pair of tickets to "The Expendable". Unfortunately, my dear colleague "Ai Wah" she went to Langkawi, on the screening day so I ask my friend "Sharon" came along with me to the screening. Well, nothing about us. We just went to the restaurant called "Xian Ding Wei" at The curve. Oh yes, the food there awesome. Delicious actually! There is another branch at Sunway there, but this branch I think is better than the one at The curve. Or it just my taste different. You guys can try and find out yourself :D .

This screening really amaze me, because on the day before screening I saw there is other sponsors who sponsoring tickets for the screening too. That means, they have 4 or 5 room who showing "The Expendable". Honestly, the movie were great. In a meanwhile, what I would like to tell is if you guys were not into those blood screening better don't watch it because there is a lot bleeding screen.

Rate for this movie : 8/10 stars

So if you out there, haven't watch this yet do go to your nearest cinema and get the tickets before it close for the screening. Peace out XD ~ Cheers!!

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ken said...

i havent watched it..
must watch soon! =D