Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Deep Missing for you

I don't know how to express my feeling right now, but all I hope that he is real for me and I can be the real for him. For the past years, I felt like I'm a freak to be a lover. It is hard for me to stable and continue a nice comfortable relationship for the past years.

This time, I really hope to be good enough person that we been through for the past 10 years as we known as "Friends". I hope you can settle everything and become a more successful person in the coming forward future. I'm please to pray for you, May God Blessed you all the Time!!

I can't wait to meet you as soon as possible, as I really want to meet you back very much as you already leave the country for past 2 years. I'm sorry that I've been blocking you from my msn and I know you mention to me a lot of times. Here to announce "I'm very very SORRY" Please forgive me!!! XD

Cheers for everything!! One last word, MISS YOU!!!!

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