Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Great Atmosphere of Love

Dear "You",

I've been waiting such a long time for a nice and comfort relation! To be part of this, I really used to be dump and no serious of such relationship. Just to be aware that, I'm so deathly crazy about you, as you don't really care about me. Why am I so determine myself to go on diet? Because of "You"!! But I keep telling myself, not because of you, this doesn't make through anything for me and you too.

I know I'm just writing some nonsense just to get your attention as you don't really care about it. I hardly to see you, as you so busy about your life! But I hope you'll get successful life and not like me yet I'm still a lost lamb who running around the circle of life!! Sigh!! I really wish to be by your side, and you need a most too!!

Anyway, Cheer up everything and I really wanted to go there and get to know each other well. Part of my life is to catch up things that I've been missed!! I want to catch up your heart!! Cheers!!

With Love,