Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 1

I don't know this right or wrong way to go on my diet program, but i do hope i can make it on and motivate myself more!! XD Ok.. I did go for a jog around my housing area!! Ya, I went back hometown this week. I don't know next week should i come back again? Erhmm, because I have some programs I might be going for the party? XD

Ya, what I ate for lunch? I ate mushrooms with shrimp. Is that nice?? I think that's good enough!! XD Oh ya!! About dinner, I don't know what should I eat??? Hahaha~~ XD I don't want some carbohydrate in my dinner, any suggestion anyone?? XD

Well, this is it for the Day 1 program~ Just started!! Tomorrow will be another day!! XD Cheers!!

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