Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Diet Program? Why?

I think some people who did read my previous blog that I still haven't finish my diet program as Now my weight is increase till 100kg!! Man... Can you guys believe this? Haha... I think this post might be surprise those reader who read this post!! XD Yes , his is a truly story about me!! Even my pictures doesn't look like me because I never touch up anything on my face or body and I just posing on the camera with a very small chubby face and body!!

I'm sorry if I did cheated those who seem my pictures and felt very ugly for me!! XD Part of my life failing with the word "LOVE" was very horrible for pass years I've been going through!! Mostly those guys who really admire me, I think they just want what they wanted to and not me the love in my heart. But wait there's one of my ex who do not thrown me up and he just like very respect me as his gf. I was too late because I've dump him(So sorry, I hope you can get a new gf). Why I dump him? Sensitive question, erhmmm.. Actually I felt I'm not a good enough person who can really satisfied him and I know I'm not the who he looking for(Just my feeling to think about "HIM").

Ok.. Let's move on my topic. I started to think this back because I found someone who i really admire and that person had join in a competition to slim down body. I just really angry and sad for myself. Why am I so selfish and no determination for myself to go on a diet program? Is this hard? I ask myself many times, one last thinking. I really felt like this time, I really wanna go the best. I don't want to lose myself and I also to be prettier and healthier!! Who doesn't like pretty and sexy girl, right? I wanna be like them too!! Please pray for my determination for keep myself moving on!!

Here's my plan(I want to list down so that I can refer back) : I'll go for morning jog in my garden area ---> breakfast will be oat and raisins!!
Afternoon ---> normal meal vege and fish !! No rice!!! (For god shakes, please don't let me see rice!! XD)
Evening ----> Jog in my area and raisins and yogurt will be my dinner!! XD

Sound happy right?? I have to make myself more determine for this!! Hope everything will be ok so do the person who I admire!! GAMBATEH!!!! Support you till the end of the program. One last thing, I hope that person who can keep in touch with me "ALWAYS".!!!!

Cheers!!! XD

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