Monday, April 26, 2010


Oh.. Dearies.. I'm so sorry for the long lost un-updated post here, the issue is ... I'm too busy because of my work!!

Last 2 weeks ago, me,cousin sis and bro, and my BFF went to the PIKOM PC Fair which located at KLCC. My BFF(Jason) bought a laptop and me I bought a lot of my laptop accessories such as USB cable, 2 piece of Bluetooth (one for me and for my sister), 1 USB fan, and a Buffalo Hard Disk( already plan to buy but not in my budget line). My cousin, she bought just a USB cable and my cousin brother he bought a mouse (which i don't get him much cause he don't own a laptop or a desktop...).

While we having fun shopping at the PC Fair, we took pictures of some girls who selling their products around those booth at PC Fair hall.
This 2 girls selling rechargeable batteries My cousin and 2 girls promoting their online game
This 2 girls selling PENDRIVE at the PENDRIVE Booth

We have so much fun at there, and we enjoy our shopping from 11am in the morning till 5pm in the evening.

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